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Favorite desserts to bake

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So I just finished making one of my favorite desserts to bake, cheesecake cookies:


They said it couldn't be done... Lol. Its a cream cheese cookie, formed into a bowl, with Graham cracker crumb balls set into the dough around the edges, filled with cheesecake.
The Graham cracker crumb balls are something new I tried this time so every other bite you'll taste the cookie with the cheesecake and on the other bites you'll get that nice, farmiliar Graham cracker taste normally associated with cheesecake.

What are everybody else's favorite desserts to bake?

Also, I'd've made that link a thumbnail pic, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Though I do know the DW codes for it, it just never gives me a .(extension) file name, only the url :/ stupid me lol

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I haven't ever baked desserts before but I've been wanting to try and make that Russian baked dessert with the icecream in the middle, I just need to find out again what it was called.

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SavageCorona said:

My arteries just clogged up and shut down the second I saw that picture.

Hahahahaha! Well everybody be careful of savagecorona, he's likely under the influence of Dr. Betruger now.

Mr. Freeze said:

Only dessert I allow myself is a coffee loaded with syrup cream and sugar

Could always go for some oatmeal made with milk. The packages in the store are so sweet that when you make them with only milk they are creamy, delicious and go well with a glass of milk, like most desserts. Though most people do not notice the similarities between breakfast foods and desserts.

Oh, and to RUSH, just make sure you share :)

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RUSH said:

Hash brownies baby!

Cookies take less time to bake, thus preserving that delicious THC.

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Chocolate chip cookies from scratch are my fave. Brownies would be my second favorite. Chocolate cake slathered in icing with crushed up Skor bars sprinkled on top is pretty damn good too.

I don't bake too often as I try to avoid sugar. If you've been seeing a chick for a bit, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies cmake a thoughtful gift. Unless there's some dietary restriction you've been made aware of ahead of time, then don't haha

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I love choc chip cookies too Sys, those are also one of my favorite things to bake. If I had a pic I'd post it, but that'll have to wait til next week when I bake them again.

Try this the next time you bake choc chip cookies:

Add coconut instead of nuts, add same amount as choc chips.
Use half white chocolate chips and the other half mini chocolate chips, so you can taste both without the regular choc chips overpowering the white chocolate.
Those really crunchy star-shaped rainbow sprinkles will keep their crunch even after being baked.

Doing all of this leads to cookies that certainly push all my buttons and others seem to like them as well. If you're feeling adventurous, give this a shot.

For those who have never baked choc chip cookies from scratch, there is a great recipe on the back of every bag of NESTLE Toll House Choc Chips. Simply modify the choc chips (1 cup each), add 2+ cups coconut, and 2 tablespoons of the right type of sprinkle and you'll have some monster cookies with 4 different textures to chew on, as well as some great presentability (for social events where you want your stuff to look good/impressing a girlfriend).

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I like cookies when it comes to baking.

I tend to experiment with what goes in with said cookies, but with in all justifiable delicious dessert means.

If I have Mini MM's, I'll throw that in the mix, or even at a time, mix them with reese's mini's in cookies.
And every now and then I do a basic cookie dough, and plop em on the pan, then put in a small candy like Rolo's or bite size Snickers/milky way. Like the picture of the cheesecake cookies (eh.. I'm not a fan of cheesecake..), the cookies will look indented similar to those to hold all the melted chocolate.

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Nice mithral demon, I'm the same way. I love to reimagine things. When I first made the cheesecake cookies it was a spur of the moment thing after being disappointed that cream cheese cookies were basically sugar cookies, lol. At the time I couldn't find any cheesecake cookie recipes, though I'm sure some existed. Thats why mine are so different from others.

I also love rethinking what goes into them as well, the Graham cracker crumb balls were new this time. And with the coconut choc chip ones, well I'd say those are pretty unique too, because of all the different textures.

Your cookies with the candy pieces sound good too, I really like the sound of the one with rolos.

I've always liked stuff kinda plain, not in terms of spices, but I like the original ideas. I love regular choc chip cookies, sugar cookies, cheesecake. Most of the time adding extra ruins it for me. Those cheesecake cookies could have some topping put on them, but that would ruin them to me lol. Also, cheesecake rises, so I made sure to leave extra room for it to expand so it didnt overflow.

I love the desserts I'm hearing yall, keep em coming! :)

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