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Zerocrusher Beta

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I present to you, Zerocrusher, the BOOMish prequel to Soulcrusher (my TC), if you have looked at the screenshots, you will probably react "Hey hasn't this been in Stomper before?", well, me and Nmn, we went our own ways as our visions of Stomper were clashing with each other for a while.

Because he's a nice friendly dude, he's let me take my maps, take ones I HEAVILY modified in Stomper and create my own wad out of this, result being this.

Now this is a more or less finished beta except the secret map's unfinished, but I need feedback anyway so bring it on! All the maps are done but 31.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/abzl0t8ndou8njl/ZCBeta.zip?dl=0

Story: The year is 2163, The Union's robotics research has went too far and by accident they created an intelligent robot being called Izaiath. He's went rogue, stole the warpgate technology and it is up to you as Jack Darx, to stop him before the Earth's doomed.

All music belongs to Jimmy.

Map descriptions:

Map13 - POWER PLANT - Alter
Description: You were sent to sabotage the power plant that powers the forcefield sorrounding The Union's HQ.

Map14 - SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Nmn (Modified by Alter)
Description: This is where rebels get murdered by those hellspawns.

Map15 - RUINED MEMORIES - Nmn (Modified by Alter)
Description: Your hometown's in complete ruins, it has been taken over by the hellspawn, you have to find the emergency keys that will let you drive (via a tram) into the evil's lair.

Map16: THE VOID BETWEEN HELL AND EARTH - Nmn (Modified by Alter)
Description: As you were riding the tram, a mysterious light flashed before your eyes and before you realised, you landed in this void, there is no sky, there is no floor, just floating rocks.

Map17: CAPITAL OF HELL - Nmn (Modified by Alter)
Description: You have finally reached the capital of hell, home of hellspawns, now it's your job to take the fight up to them and destroy their home for a change.

Map18: DOOMSDAY - Alter
Description: ???

Map31 (Unfinished): Security Complex AD2173 - Alter
Description: An easter egg map that is in progress.

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Honestly that first one looked a hell of a lot more interesting than the rest but I'm just a sucker for that kind of theme. It oddly reminds me of the reactor level in Quake 2.

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