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Your Mordeth-pending CP contributions

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What are the levels made by you for a community project due to only which the deadline and/or release date needed to be procrastinated into uncertain future? I'm asking because I'm the living example laziness even exists in one's most loved hobbies.

Par exemple:


1. Hadephobia.wad MAP26 (later MAP33): this monstrous nonsense was the subject of all my nerving behaviour between 9 May and 26 November 2011. Even consumed all my summer break, most of which wasn't even over like 20 Celsius or so due to a shitty cloudy weather which bursted barely any rain, but dominated the skies for long weeks flat, releasing any sunshine for only short periods of time. I also had to visit my elder sister in Seville, Spain due to her being severely wounded in a street bull racing. I know it's all aimlessly pointing at conditions most mappers overcome easily, but trust me, all of 'em equaled a blasphemy during the need for me to work. Don't forget to mention: the map all turned out to be a ridiculously hard, almost unbeatable nonsense with lenghtly, confusing and mostly cramped gameplay, ammo shortage, fight with higher-tier monsters in confined areas and stuff which makes any map an arseache to play and nothing to enjoy. All this sacrificed in order to make it look sweet and like it was worth to give it a shitload of time.

2. 5 Rooms.wad MAP17: My definitely longest so far. The progress was started on 28 October 2012, with an almost-done plot in mind, along with the promise of being released for Halloween. Despite, it wasn't until the second day I almost completely lost interest in it and didn't even touch until the winter break when I still only did another little segment. After that, late winter 2013 was the first instance to touch it again and make a cavern-y area with an adjacent library room. Next step followed after a hard half-a-year halt, when I did meticulous polishments to its detail along with expanding an early-done area into further dimensions. During my first weeks of university, I designed the exit area and a very detailed mechanism to a "slaughterhouse" peek-into. Shortly after I only touched it in the next winter break, slowly gaining progress, with which I "eventually" finished on 7 January, 2014. It was still long before in August, I came accross a tad of teleporting misfunctions which I had to correct one by one, and even Suitepee-s stream showed me something absolutely new and horrid about the very first one. I fixed it I-don't-know-how and "released it finally"(?) moreso a year after its very-first affirmated "done status". I still don't know whether I'm gonna apply even further fixes to it, but I'm more than confident this outcome was 1000 times more worth than the previous one.

3. I'm still in debt with about 5 or 6 different other maps for different other CP's. See me next time when I'm able to show something worthy for at least one.

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I'm not sure i understand the OP or the thread title but I've got a map in kykas TNT Revilution, a map in Firefishs Bloody Rust, and in Joe ilyas Consumed Earth that a part of me feels will never see the light of day (in varying degrees for each project)

These maps were all made several months ago.

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