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TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

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38_ViTa_38 said:

Doom 2 map 1—10 in 2:46. (don't upload to the DSDA)

LOL, the first frame is really original. Looking at the back wall. :D

On Map06, what if you lure a shotgunner to block the last lift like this so you don't have to press the switch and wait for it to come down on your way back? Or will it take too long for the zombie to get there?

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SerEzER in the textfile said:

[/b]Recorded using PrBoom-Plus version
Exe: Doom2.exe[b]

Haha. Your demo is not bad, though. You've forgotten to mention that you have used permanent S50, too.

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I like these; after all this built stuff nice to see "savegames and slowmotion only". On MAP04 no idea why no SSG (faster or not?) but it looked extra hardcore chaingunning these barons. On MAP13 I am not sure why not use bars trick near the exit. MAP15 mega surprising 100% actual secrets, I don't think we will see this not-assisted in our lives.

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Thank you for your comments :D . I do not use the SSG on MAP04 because I thought it would make to loose more time (I did not think about it too much, maybe it would have been better to take it). About the MAP09, I am not very good with the guideless glides, the next time I will practice them.

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New demos for Memento Mori Map 31

vdgg said:

I didn't use the G word nor I mentioned MAP09... I rather meant
this from this.

Ohh I thought you meant the yellow/blue bars to the exit in MAP09.

38_ViTa_38 said:

You can use XDRE if you want to do guideless glides easily. The source is available here and binaries (SDL 1 only, though) are here.

Thank you! I just compiled it (since I use Linux). I will try it.


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On 3/19/2017 at 4:58 AM, 38_ViTa_38 said:

What? 15.74 by Looper exists (22no0804).

Oops o.o


Edit: where is that demo?

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