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TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

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I tried my hand at this TAS thing, though I'd prefer to call mine TADs since they aren't really speedruns.  I ran through Lunatic basically to try out the -recordfrom to command.  You can call them UV MAX but as I said, I wasn't worried about the time, but I'll list the times anyway.


Tools used:




advanced HUD


MAP01 UV MAX 6:17 lunatic01.zip

MAP02 UV MAX 8:08 lunatic02.zip

MAP03 UV MAX 20:02 lunatic03.zip

MAP04 UV MAX 14:54 lunatic04.zip

MAP05 UV MAX 6:53 lunatic05.zip

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Found quite a weird skip here in the blue key area. 

Eviternity Map 22 No Monsters in 0:27 - evit22ox27.zip



Straight from the .txt file: 


TLDR: I found a new trick and built this to see what time could be saved over map 22 in my D2All Tas. My D2All map22 was 0:37, and this is 0:27.


I recently discovered a pretty bizarre trick in the blue key area. Normally when you enter the area, some walls & pillars raise, and you need to trigger four switches before access to some teleporters is granted for you to leave. However, if you run across the top of the walls as they are raising, you can trigger an unintended linedef (according to Dragonfly, it was left in as an accidental development oversight) on the far side of this area that is normally unreachable. This causes the whole area to raise (except for some pits that, if you fall in, softlock you in place), allowing you to run across the whole area to exit significantly faster. This saves a fair bit of time over needing to wait for the teleporters to be accessed. I also tested exiting this area by going through one of the teleporters after grabbing the blue key, and it is faster to simply run out by around half a second.


In the red key area, normally a pillar raises behind you, stopping you from being able to exit. However, there is a switch on the outside of this pillar which can be triggered as you enter due to infinite height stuff. Basically, it allows you to just run back out. It's possible to do a guided glide past the pillar quite easily if it raises, but this is faster of course. 


I had a helpful chat with Vita about momentum preservation and this demo was my first attempt to do it in a couple of places. I still need to practice this a lot, but what I did do saved almost a second I think. 


The intended way to exit this level is to grab all three keys, but the yellow key is actually not required - hitting the blue and red exit switches allows enough gaps in the exit pillars for you to perform 3 glides and exit. As a very small detail, I triggered the blue switch first deliberately, as the blue switch is the one that lowers the first pillar that I can glide over. 


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Eviternity Map 31 No Monsters in 0:19 - evit31ox19.zip


Video on YouTube:




Additionally, I did this uv-speed demo a while ago and it's already on DSDA, but I decided to chuck it on YouTube, here's the link to that.

Eviternity Map 31 UV-Speed in 0:23 on YouTube: 




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Doom 2 the way Id did D2All UV-Speed in 16:46.


Finally... keeping up with my promise for 2020 :)


On 12/21/2019 at 12:35 PM, SWDude said:

Few unfinished D2All TAS runs in my backyard for months which I will hopefully try to finish in 2020.





MAP01   -   0:06.51
MAP02   -   0:16.66 
MAP03   -   0:21.86 
MAP04   -   0:28.89 
MAP05   -   0:30.83 
MAP06   -   0:35.43 
MAP07   -   0:44.91 
MAP08   -   0:12.91 
MAP09   -   0:39.74 
MAP10   -   0:39.54
Episode 1 - 4:30
MAP11   -   0:32.91 
MAP12   -   0:39.91 
MAP13   -   0:46.57 
MAP14   -   0:11.97 
MAP15   -   0:04.97 
MAP16   -   1:14.60 
MAP17   -   0:41.97 
MAP18   -   0:26.80 
MAP19   -   0:54.34 
MAP20   -   0:49.57
Episode 2 - 6:16
MAP21   -   0:27.60 
MAP22   -   0:21.49 
MAP23   -   0:25.37 
MAP24   -   0:12.71 
MAP25   -   0:27.97 
MAP26   -   1:16.89 
MAP27   -   0:33.69 
MAP28   -   0:41.91
MAP29   -   0:55.97
MAP30   -   0:43.63
Episode 3 - 6:00
Total - 16:46


It's been long and I believe I have given credit where its due! Also, would have done a video for this if my viddump had worked :(



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I put SWDude's above TAS on YouTube. I really recommend watching it, if you haven't already.


EDIT: After posting this, Dimon12321 uploaded a much better quality version of the TAS to YouTube, which you can watch two posts below this one. 

Edited by almostmatt1

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The Ultimate Doom: E4M9 NMSPEED (0:09:23)



This was ONLY made by slowing PrBoom to 25%. It was more made to theory test a possible 8 second RTA run, rather than a polished TAS.

This could definitely go lower with more time.



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Rowdy Rudy's Revenge - D2ALL UV-Max in 11:54




Special thanks to @Doomkid for creating this WAD!

From Ukraine with love!


P.S! A small remark: "One monster was missing!"

Edited by Dimon12321

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P.S! A small remark: "One monster was missing!"

Really? I didn't even notice! can you point out where?

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