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TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

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work in progress doom 2 nomo run, map1-6 so far


i took one second off looper's 22no0804 so far, with that being in map06, thanks to both better execution and the double glide elevator trick found by almostmatt1. i haven't perfected the maps, only wanted to match map times from 22no0804 in seconds because its nomo and i can edit it anytime later.


i had help from almostmatt1 lv03 and lv05.


and yes, i'm not dead, i just dont have time for making these anymore but i'll just do what i can with the time i have.


map times:


map01: 4.49 (-0:00)

map02: 11.94 (-0:00)

map03: 15.97 (-0:00)

map04: 16.97 (-0:00)

map05: 18.97 (-0:00)

map06: 34.80 (-0:01)


also is there any way to do map10, 12, 18 glides nomo?

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33 minutes ago, Decay said:

I don't know if it could improve your TAS speed but you can skip the imp hallway. Check out @Razgriz's pacifist run for the method!

If I jump in, grab the berserk, lift down the key and jump on the platform with it, I'm not likely to win any time

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I don't know why I did it again, but here's Okuplok Slaughter Map in less than two hours. I actually watched the whole demo, in engine, from start to finish. There's something immensely satisfying about watching reality and almost reality runs. I'll be posting more reality runs in the future, and even re-running some of my favorite maps.


Demo: oku2v31-117m36s.zip

YouTube: https://youtu.be/UO5s0IYMmVs


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Darkwave32 MAP01 Pacifist TAS

Took me 115 tries to get this, not gonna try this Non-TAS because I tried 200 times Non-Tas, and couldn't beat my wanted sub-40. 

I decided to TAS it, because I just got bored with the continuess failed sub-40 attempts, got lucky and got 38 seconds on MAP01. Might try this non-tas, but I'm not going to during this month. It was fun trying to tas this, though. Enjoy.



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Alien Vendetta MAP01 UV-Speed 22.37





it's still processing vp9 1080p, 2k and 4k

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4 hours ago, 4shockblast said:

"Recorded on December 06, 2013"

Going for the hoarding world record, eh?

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