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Hardcarrys From Space DM Wad

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Hey guys, I posted my second wad in Doomworld, it's a deathmatch wad, It was made to improve my editing skills and some techniques, I wish you guys give a look at it and give feedback on things that could improve, this is my first multiplayer wad so i probably made mistakes, sorry for poor English, thanks



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This is truly very impressive for your second WAD - Visually, it looks great. Logical and sensible use of textures, excellent detail, a great understanding of how a map should look. I'm very impressed on the visual front.

The thing that makes these not so great for DM is their layouts. The overall structures are fine (and as mentioned look gorgeous) but there's not enough room for the players to move around. In map01, you have sever 64 and 96 unit wide hallways, and DM players hate those 9 time out of 10 :) Make sure to always have around 128 units of space to move, unless there's a specific reason not to.

I tested this in Zandronum, which is where this will be played the most (I don't know any DMers who use GZdoom) and overall everything was fine, but map04 was just a flood of HOMs / glitches. Map06 looked fine, but I was getting about 5 frames per second with my old rig :P

Overall you show a lot of potential, and your maps look way better than mine ever will, and I've been mapping for about 13 years now. Keep it up, maybe check out some famous DM wads (UDM3.wad may provide some fine examples) so you can visualize exactly what I mean about giving the players more space and less "snag" spots. Your layouts will be as good as your visuals soon!

Really impressive, hope to see another DM wad from you some time.

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