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Animated Textures

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Hi, I Wanna Use XWE To Create Animated Textures.
I Already Have The Textures Lock And Loaded, And
I Believe I Need A Lump To Animate Them.

The Question Is, How To I Make The Lump Do So?

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If you are comfortable with ZDoom-only compatibility, make ANIMDEFS. It's as simple as creating a text lump named "ANIMDEFS" inside your wad.

If you want Boom compatibility, make ANIMATED/SWITCHES lumps. Their format is not as simple as plain text, so use SLADE3, it has special features to help you with their creation.

If you want vanilla compatibility, choose one of hardcoded animated texture names, and name your own animated textures the same, replacing the originals.

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Is there a bug with Animdefs in the latest GZDoom (June 4)?

I can't for the life of me see why my Animdefs lump doesn't work, as I've done it before and it is actually a very simple task.

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Try changing the lump name AnimDefs to ANIMDEFS.txt, although I doubt it will work, and make sure there are no superfluous spaces or other non-letter non-number ASCII characters in the name of the lump, otherwise I don't know.

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scifista42 said:

Try changing the lump name AnimDefs to ANIMDEFS.txt

That's definitely not the issue here. I don't know what the issue actually is, but it can't be that.

Do you get any warning messages logged in the console?

If you try an old version of ZDoom or GZDoom, does it still refuse to work?

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Didn't work differently with older versions of GZDoom. There are no warning messages in the console.

I stripped the PK3 for the stuff that came with a custom status bar and the Animdefs is still as lifeless as before.

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