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Issues with DeHackEd (Again)

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So, with my DeHackEd patch, I made the rocket launcher fire the Mancubus fireballs. The issue is that when one enemy is killed, and I try to fire at something else, it suddenly points back at the dead enemy and fires at that instead, like a aim-bot uploaded on April Fools Day. How can I fix that?

I am using GZDoom with MBF BEX format.

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I'm pretty sure that your bex patch takes advantage of some undefined behaviour that was never intended to be exploited and that will break in non-ZDoom-based ports. Weapon-related and thing-AI-related codepointers are each a group on its own and shouldn't be mixed. If you're targeting ZDoom, use DECORATE instead of dehacked/bex.

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Making the player try and fire enemy fireballs with Dehacked is a recipe for pain. The code pointers to fire a fireball assume there is a "target" set for the thing firing the fireball. But the player never has a "target" because the game has no way of knowing or setting such a thing. So you get weird crashy behavior.

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LittleInferno said:

DECORATE didn't work either. Never mind everything now. :p

Did you fire the projectile using A_FireCustomMissile? That's the correct way to fire custom projectiles via player's weapon.

If you used A_FatAttack3, then you will get the same result as in DEHACKED, because it's still the same function, and still not intended to be used on a weapon.

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