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My monsters within normal Doom

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I decided to make my monsters for my own WADS, which was and still is going quite well, they work and I place them down and they all live happily in my custom maps. But then I wanted to have them appear in the original Doom games, and thanks to this I now can. I just figured it out today, pretty happy about that.

The thing is a bit off, balance issues exist but I can work on that...so far I'm just putting up a WAD with them in incase anyone wants to play the games with some new monsters...even if they are a bit crude. I'm sorry for any balance issues.

I have a demo video of it too.


So far it includes all of the Death Rock Imps, The Mean Marine, Ant Man, Black Metal Baron, Pain Elemental that spawns the beta Lost Souls, Beta Lost Souls sans Pain Elemental, Evil Monk, Dark Priest and the Skelletron. It works with all Doom IWADS.

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I don't really want to replace any monsters as much as having them play alongside. But I will take a look though.

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