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Quake-style mipmapping on textures and sprites?

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Just a suggestion. I hate the "noisy" effect and mipmapping is an effective solution.

In case you're not familiar with how Quake's software renderer chose the mip levels, it'd display the highest res that is possible without skipping pixels during scaling. Does lead to a slightly "blurry" look, though, especially at low screen resolutions. Perhaps there could be a slider for how much skipping is acceptable until it finally switches to the lower resolution. Probably best to have it range from 1.0 (as Quake does) to 2.0 (allows the texture to be scaled to half size until it switches mips). Anything higher would be pointless and the user may as well disable the feature.

It'd be nice to extend the concept to have separate mip levels for the x and y axes, so that surfaces viewed at extreme angles will retain their clarity on the axis that is not being compromised as badly as the other. Still, having any form of mipmapping at all would be a godsend, even without juggling the axes separately.

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