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Doomenstein - E1M1 made in Wolf style

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I made a quick little thing for funsies basically E1M1 made with the large, blocky and flat style of Wolfenstein, rather akin to the secret levels in Doom 2. I didn't stick to the formula 100% or some stuff would look weird like windows and the pillars in the start would look weird (and break up gameplay a bit in some cases). Tell me what you think of it and stuff. I most likely won't do the whole episode/game though, I personally don't think I did a good enough job to warrant that.


Run it in Doom 1 not Doom 2.

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You're right, it's crap. It's an exact replica of E1M1 (that alone is unpleasant), but degraded in many ways that made E1M1 interesting. All in all, it doesn't add anything worth playing.

By the way, pcorf made WolfenDoomed 7 years ago. First map is E1M1 remake. That one actually used Wolfenstein textures and SS Nazis, though.

Wolfenstein-style flat level design is not fun anymore since the Doom engine superseded it.

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