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Mithran Denizen

Doom Style

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Okay, so I enjoy wearing clothing that hints at my nerdy sensibilities, but I don't like big screaming logos. Nor do I really wear t-shirts or hoodies in general, so that eliminates pretty much all the official Doom swag from my options.

Last month I finally broke down and started to take matters into my own hands. First is a pair of cufflinks I had made:


Next, I wanted a pocket square; something simple and wearable such as a repeating medallion print like this (with a doomy twist of course):

I've cut and sewn dozens of pocket squares. Being a textiles nerd, I've done some fabric print design work as well, but working in such a small scale, I was initially unsure how well the idea in my head would turn out...

See for yourself; here's a shot of the thing just after I hand rolled the edges:

I purposefully made it easy to overlook at a glance, but those red dots are cacodemons, the red borders are marble wall textures, and the main blue background is actually the water flat. Here are some closeups (excuse the blurriness and mediocre lighting of the photos):

In the pocket of yours truly:

(Via careful orientation of the printed cacodemons, no matter how you puff or fold this thing, they're always facing upwards when it's in your pocket!)

Anyway, I'm very happy with the pocket square, and I'll probably do a few more, perhaps with new designs. This one is cotton, but the same design would look great on silk, and only cost a few dollars more to make.

If anyone has comments or other novel ideas for Doom-themed items, please do share.

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Ah that's pretty neat. I like how you managed keep it subtle by hiding the thingies in the fabric. I also like how the cufflinks kind of look like Doomguy is sealed away inside a sort of soulsphere-type situation.

And hey, what's with the pricey-looking getup? You some kind of part-time Doom Slenderman?

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rather hilarious. were the cufflinks a custom order of some sort, or do you actually physically put them together somehow?

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The cufflinks were ordered online. Unless I'm making a hundred of them, it actually works out better/cheaper/faster this way than having the bare hardware shipped and making them myself.

Jaxxoon R said:

I also like how the cufflinks kind of look like Doomguy is sealed away inside a sort of soulsphere-type situation.

Heh, that was my first thought as well. Speaking of spheres, I got these a while ago, in a futile attempt to compete with my girlfriend's expanding collection of music/comics/sci-fi pins:

Unlike the cufflinks and pocket square which look fairly mundane to the casual glance, these by their nature scream for attention. I was gonna just throw them on an old duffel bag since they're not ideal for day-to-day wear, but what the hell.

I guess I can also pin 'em onto a leather coat:

Or a rumpled linen jacket:

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I ordered another couple pairs of cufflinks for the hell of it.



E1M1 was an easy choice, but the MARBFACE ones were this close to being FIREBLU instead. Maybe next time.

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