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What screen size do you play with?

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I recently remembered a thread ages ago where someone told me that, back in the day when everyone and their mother played Doom, people played with no HUD at all; the maximum screen size.

I personally play with the default full-size one but with a HUD - however, the full-size one is great for engrossing the player. Just being able to see more and not having that recognizable human face makes you feel more alone in your surroundings.
I also just like seeing more of the weapons. Seems to give them more buff.
But, mostly I just use this screen size for screenshots.

Now, if you play with the stone border, I think it looks a bit like one of those early FPS RPG concoctions like Ultima Underworld, and really fits when playing Vanilla/Chocolate Doom.

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I've always played with the Full-Size HUD, with Doomguy's face and all. I'm just used to It, though I haven't been using It much lately for Zandronum, I even disabled bobbing as well for Multiplayer.

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I absolutely hate that giant ass stat bar, and many of the giant overlays in different fps games... So i usually play doom in doom ports with small indicator numbers on the bottom or side. i just tend to like readable, yet non sight disturbing huds in some games.

This is not a generalized statement. There are many modern and old games with interesting yet big huds.

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