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So much teleporters...

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Now,you can tell that i am not good in making definitive decisions,but anyways.
Now i am working in an arena style map (Doom 2,UDMF)the game throws stuff at you,you kill them all,supplies and weapons apear,you pick them up,more dudes appear,you kill these dudes,and a boss appear,you kill the boss,you go to the next arena,simular to Destiny's Prision of Elders.
Thing is,i want to make once you kill EVERY enemy,it gives you the supplies,and once you get the supplies,more dudes teleport in to the room,and for the boss,you need to kill everyone again,and ON the boss,you only need to kill him,not his minions,this will open a door to the hub,and once the door is closed,it is done.But...how do i do this?I know about single targets that spawn stuff,not various,can anyone help me?And again,i want that i kill dudes,and right after the last one dies,more teleport in.

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You have to use ACS scripting to achieve all that, message me and I can help you if you want.

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Learn about using ACS here (and the guide / tutorial pages linked from there). Generally, zdoom wiki is a great place where to learn from about ZDoom-specific features, so that you don't need to ask on a forum everytime you're not sure what to do.

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