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SLADE isn't saving properly

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For some reason, when i removed a hudmessage from the scripts using SLADE, the change is saved in the file (since when i open it, the messages aren't there anymore) but is not taken into account when I actually play the wad. It's still being displayed. I already checked lots of times if there was some kind of duplicate message using the "find" option, but it's not there anymore. I changed other aspects of that wad, like a decorate, and it did work, but not this particular messages.

The context is that those messages used a HUDMSG_NOTWITH3DVIEW flag that didn't work with zandronum. I need to make an alternate version for zandronum that doesn't use those messages.

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This is not a problem of saving. ACS scripts MUST BE COMPILED into BEHAVIOR lump, the game doesn't actually process the SCRIPTS lump at all, it's just a source code. Mapping editors might compile ACS scripts automatically when you save them or test them. However, if you change a part of SCRIPTS in SLADE3, it won't be compiled automatically. Therefore, your old BEHAVIOR lump will stay the same. You must manually compile it via "Scripts -> Compile ACS" in SLADE3.

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Oh, good to know. I ended up deleting all the map lumps and scripts and pasting them again in the .pk3 to make it work lol

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