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hi Doomworld

If any of you have been paying attention to the ZDoom forums, you may or may not know that I've been recently making new versions of OMGWPNS because I decided it was a fun project to revive as a way of slowly crawling my way back into the Doom community, granted that I don't have as much time to focus on Doom now because of IRL necessities.

Ten years ago to this day I uploaded the original version to /idgames and despite being a bit rushed here and there and having some really useless weapons like the Laser Chaingun, it was solid overall. Fast forward to today, where I have spent the past few months tightening up OMGWPNS by rebalancing everything, fixing poorly coded features, improving heavily on palette translations, adding plenty of new weapons and monsters and getting rid of that shitty Laser Chaingun. I've had quite a number of playtesting sessions on Zandronum where feedback has been essential in making sure what does and doesn't work.

Why did I wait until now to make a thread here on DW, instead of when I started to release new versions? Mainly because there's a greater focus on maps rather than gameplay mods here, and also because I wanted to announce something that would interest a few people here:

OMGWPNS now runs in the Eternity Engine!

Well, half of it at least. Custom weapons aren't supported in Eternity yet, so you only get custom monsters for now. There's a good amount of hacky code to make things work (it would have been nice if the monster spawners used A_SpawnAbove instead of A_MissileAttack) with a few graphical/gameplay glitches, monsters LOVE to infight a lot, monsters don't have the AMBUSH flag and it can crash on the rare occasion (at least on the latest Git build, haven't tested stable release thoroughly enough but it doesn't spit out errors or warnings with -edfout) but there's enough for an enjoyable experience! Only three monsters out of sixty-two couldn't make the cut due to technical reasons, so that is an achievement by itself. Surprisingly, MAP07/ExM8 triggers work fine.

Anyway, have some download links. I'm not going to upload these to /idgames, since I'm still intending to make new versions in the future:

Full mod:
OMG Weapons and Monsters! V5

Individual downloads:
OMG Weapons! V5
OMG Monsters! V5

Changelogs are available in the PK3 files.

Special thanks to TerminusEst13 and Ijon Tichy for the Samsara weapon pickup code, which was essential reading for writing the new weapon pickup code.

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Wow this mod is still going? I last heard about it back when Skulltag was still a thing. I used to love fucking about with that proton cannon thing and I still do.

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