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Inquisitor-GZDoom (2007)

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Looking through old folders, I remembered about this Wad, which in its time has not reached the full release. But as time has passed for many it is possible to remind once again about this project, which, in turn, grew out of the very first "Inquisitor", created for dead port JDoom. There is no desire to reanimate JDoom wad (on my site it is placed), but its processing to the further development of GZDoom - quite amiss.
So, imagine that now is 2007, Cheogsh has not yet released, and "Inquisitor" is actively being developed...

Wad is best to run in gzdoom 1-0-24 since flechetts are working properly there. For the convenience the archive already contains the required version, as well as the batch file to run WAD. Just have to re-adjust control, and do not forget to put in a folder doom2.wad
There are 2 maps in the wad. They can be played one by one to avoid an imbalance of ammunition (in 2007, I put very little ammunition).
I recommend this wad especially for fans of "The Inquisitor" series.
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Wow!I really like this.I've only played a little of the first map.Have played the other Inquisitors as well.Thank you!

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