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XWE Problem...

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Whenever I open XWE, it says "Failed to create key .WAD." and when I click OK, it opens up XWE and says "List index out of bounds (0)" which made me confused.
I tried opening my WAD in XWE and it said "List index out of bounds (3)" and it went to an infinite never-ending load. Please help me, I wanna change the music in my map sooo bad...

EDIT: This has been solved and I switched to SLADE 3 and changed my Running from Evil song to The Imp's Song from DooM.

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However, if you want to keep on using XWE, then enter this in XWE.ini

at the very top, above [LUMP]. Hopefully, that will help.

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What's been said above me, is very true. Make the switch to SLADE 3, it makes modifying doom so much easier when you can edit virtually every aspect of it. Good luck with your mapping endeavors! :-)

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