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Post your earliest wad and lets talk smack about it!

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First off, let me say that with 11 submissions other than my own, some of which having multiple maps, I prolly won't get to them all tonight. I don't plan on doing any maps tomorrow unless I don't have work to do on Mutiny.

Doomkid, supercupcake, and khorus, I prolly won't get to yall's maps til later. Doomkid for obvious reasons (I am still planning to play the other wad you asked for, Doomkid, but it looks long, so it won't be tonight since I want to try and crank through some of these) and other two because I've never downloaded skulltag.

Please stop throwing things at me. I didn't know! I... just... didn't know... *cries*

Doomhuntress said:

does shitty Doom songs go in here too? because i've got shitty Doom songs here. like this one.

Lol, I think I can troll a song. Hang on a second, gotta do my checklist:

Brain taken care of *checks glass,* check
Wi-Fi on, check
Glasses off, check
Fingers in the right positions t[-_-t]
Double check

Alright let's do this >:^{D>

That's what you get when you make music sober.

That monotonous (should I call it a midi guitar?) note work made the song more boring than waiting for an aids test to come back. --Wait a minute, that's not boring; let's go with more boring than waiting for an old person to figure out the controls and get their bearings in a co-op game. ;) or Minecraft

The drums would be cool if I was on shrooms and understood the meaning of the universe and why accents were used in such strange places. And how the Hell did the drums keep getting more interesting while the note-work stayed the same! That's more lazy than Nicholas Cage's acting.

Nah but in all seriousness I thought the drum-work was sweet and it was cool how it heated up as it progressed.

I also liked how it was short. ;p

Let's get some other trolls in here so y'all don't have to hear it from only me.

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I chose this first because it sounded short and interesting... It appears I've made a mistake.

Dave The Daring said:

These maps feature ACS scripts that randomise some elements of the map, but since you probably won't be playing them more than once, you won't actually notice. Oh, there are also slopes, cos ZDoom.

Wow dude, I can't even roast these maps... I played the first one 3 times total to figure out what was going on. The second map I pistol-started after I beat the first the first time, because I enjoyed it that much. Then I looked at it DB2... That shits so far over my head... But then again, at my height, most things are.

One thing I can say is "screw you buddy" for putting something so good up here, putting some of us to shame ;p

The only thing I can really rag on you for was the windows in MAP02. I guess you were so wasted that the double-vision made it look ok. Or you're blind, in which case you're the Beethoven of Doom wads. (talkin' about the madness too, ya nut)

Ima send you a pm about that one, but publicly I will say that everyone should play those 2 short maps and you need to put that on /idgames.

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By the way, mine's a 6 map episode (just incase you didn't have enough maps to play)

Played them again a few months ago, you might need to idbeholdr a couple of times on map04, and you might recognise the first 3

PS I designed them with continuous play in mind- you'll find a couple of them tricky on pistol start. They have working skill modes aswell

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I had 4-level megawad when I was 7 years old (I did boring levels in Wolfenstein like style), nothing interesting and its lost anyway.
Then I had two mega maps - I was 17 or 18 - I did them in Edmap 1.4 and they are Vanilla compatible. I believe the first is lost. But second is there:


These maps wanted to be part of 9-map megawad. I got frequently pissed off by visplane overflows and 310kB Edmap limit - I remember I wanted maps to be even bigger than this.

1) If you get stuck in Chaingun room, shoot the walls. There is a shootable wall (poorly made, but it is). Required to finish the level.
2) Several inescapable pits are there. I release the map as it was.

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Although I finished the maps to make them playable they were done mainly for learning purpose (making doors, room dimension, texture combination, item placement and so on).

My first 3 maps from 1998 using WadAuthor compiled into one wad:
should be vanilla
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/386jf642b0ue3xe/Didy1-3.zip

I had to fix two or three line-actions, deleted the stupid, mean mid textures with monsters behind them and fixed three lift textures.
Typical bad and ugly beginners' maps.




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The next map on the sacrificial altar was the submission by mrthejoshmon, because it sounded interesting and looked short. Boy was I wrong.

First of all, this map set started off nice, 3 maps of 35-36 enemies and one of 106. Sounds short and sweet. Then you start playing and soon find yourself out of ammo. Then you find yourself punching a HK to death in extremely tight quarters with 10 health. Oh, did I mention there's no heath? Yeah, who needs that? Berserk pack? Whats that? Tight, 64-wide hallways? You know it. Doors that look like walls and unmarked secrets? Oh Hell yes. Invisible monsters!? Why the Hell not?

I will say that thank God that at the time you made this wad you hadn't yet figured out traps, because I was in enough trouble as it was attempting to punch my way through waves of enemies with no health to conserve 8 shotgun shells.

After about 100 deaths, starting from the HK walking around the first corner, you get to look forward to more fun, such as punching out a bull and sneaking past an alerted arachnotron in a small room to get a new gun. Still no health.

The other levels were a bit different. 2 and 3 were very easy, save getting started on 3, since I did pistol-starts and the plasma gun had trouble at that angle with hitting the ledge. I don't remember much health, but ammo was plentiful enough on 2 and abundant on 3. Level 4 was impossible from a pistol start, and I conserved the Hell out of ammo and used it in exactly the right spots. I actually made it to the arch-vile without cheating, dispite having to punch out 2 HKs at the same time with less than 20% health.

You we're right: What. The. Fuck.

I cant even make jokes about the gameplay because it was just so brutal, honestly I wanted to suck my thumb and goo at one of those spinny things who's name I can't remember right now that parents get for infants, but maybe I can slip in a few elsewhere...

I didn't see the custom textures, the few of them were checkerboxes and it was in Plutonia.

There were tons of texture misalignments and doortraks that weren't unpegged. You were cuttin' more corners than John Boehner's public speaking coach.

The worst part is... I liked it, hahaha.

Something about 64-wide hallways and projectile enemies appeals to me. Maybe it's the difficulty of dodging shots when the only way to do it is to stay against a wall before they shoot. Idk. But those tight hallways are where things get hairy, but also much simpler to predict and you only have to deal with one monster at a time.

I know a lot of people hate invisible enemies, but I love em. I try not to use them, however, as I know it pisses people off, but I really liked the ones you put in. Especially those 2 invisible revenants. They hurt me good. But I lived and whooped their asses.

The second and more-so third maps looked kinda cool, save the weird doors. I guess that in your probably drug-filled rampage you thought checkered patterns looked like really sweet doors that totally made sense.

Overall I enjoyed these maps; I laughed, I cursed, I punched out a few HK's with no berserk pack, I punched something irl... I had a good time. Which I guess means it's official... I need psychiatric help.
Then again, I just love playing Doom.

Well, that's it for tonight. Hopefully someone else will troll away while I'm asleep and give me some entertainment when I wake up, lol.

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Naval Battle (naval.wad)

My very first wad uploaded to the archives, back in June 2005.

At that time, I was fascinated with realistic levels. I think I was really into Duke Nukem 3D back then, and even daydreamed about making an entirely new episode for it, or, heck, many new episodes. (I was always behind the times with gaming--didn't play the original Half-Life until late 2005--and Build-engine games seemed to me to be the pinnacle of technological achievement; I also daydreamed about making my own, action-filled, fantastically varied first-person shooter game... except the enemies in my dream game still were flat sprites, and the levels were still 2.5D.) Anyway, Duke3D was good for recreating realistic locations, so I tried to do the same with my first published Doom level: recreate a ship, like in Duke3D's "Derelict" map. The results were not pretty, especially when combined with my own lack of experience and laziness. Also, I only had a very vague idea of what a ship actually looked like in real life.

There's no detailing, no pretty architecture, no effort made to make the battles interesting. Most levels are bland square or rectangular boxes, with "details" being just featureless blocks lying on the floor. No lighting whatsoever. When little Doom maps encounter my naval.wad in the street, their mothers drag them away and whisper to them that they should study hard, lest they end up like that stinking beggar over there.

Let's dive in.

First, the textfile:

Wandering on the sea, you notice a big ship. It's HMS 'Doom'. You remember that it was carrying monsters dragged from the interdimensional gates. Now that all hell broke loose, everyone on the ships are probably either zombified or dead. You decide to clean out the ship.

The ship was meant to be a cargo ship owned by UAC, it's not actually in the Royal Navy. But at that time, I thought that "HMS" was just a random shortcut that every single ship in the world had before its name.

Misc. Author Info : I'm from Poland LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently I thought this was... funny or something at one point? As opposed to utterly retarded.

Game : Doom2 + ZDoom

No, there are no ZDoom features used. Just "Zdoomisms" which make the wad work incorrectly in normal ports.

No new music. I originally put in a midi of Darude's "Sandstorm", but for some reason it seems I removed it before uploading.

Now for some commentary on the level itself: Beware those who enter...

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Hahaha, I decided to grab one more cig before bed and I'm glad I did. Thank you JudgeDeadd for that, that was funny, especially the commentary.

I actually thought that the outside pics of the ship looked cool, if just a bit bare. Also, who cares if teleporters are used to travel between floors? Of course in zDoom you do have the freedom to make them silent. I've seen maps with clever use of silent teleporters placed correctly and copied rooms/sections to make it seem like it had multiple floors. I say it's an interesting twist, even if overused to some. Though I suppose the most clever example I've seen was 2 rooms that were made to seem like they were on top of each other through both the teleporters being on a staircase, placed correctly, and an identical outside area to look at, just a bit lower/higher from each vantage point.

It always made me want to make a map that was in a skyscraper where youd travel "up" the building to the top, the whole time the outside area would seem to be getting lower, as if you really were climbing one building. Then find a way to tie certain monsters together so if you kill one you kill all. Illusion complete, lol.

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Ninjaliquidator your chaingun comment piqued my interest about it and I really like the map - it reminds me of the maps I wanted to make recently. The map could be a little more intuitive and blah blah polished but anyway GJ!

EDIT: Fonze, I can give you all my old skulltag maps if you want. It'll make your skulltag download efforts worth it :P

I believe I made my first map when I was 10 and finished my Skulltag era mapping when I was 12. I had other maps after but they're forever lost sadly.

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actually, i have even older songs than that Mutaland atrocity, but they're not exactly Doom-themed, in the sense that i made them with the mindset that they'd become Doom music. however, as it turns out, my first song i ever made "is" based loosely on the music heard from The Talosian Incident. it's also 12 minutes long, so knock yourselves out. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/a5lq8a3c6sip3iw/The%20Talosian%20Incident%20%28Demo%202%29.mp3?dl=0

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Idk supercupcake, don't get me wrong, I'd take em, maybe even want to play them all eventually, but I just don't have the time. I will be doing either a few more of these or Doomkid's other map set later tonight though as I have no work to do on Mutiny for maybe a couple more days.

Tbh, I was hoping that more people would get into it rather than just submitting their map. But I'll go through what I have time for and with any luck, maybe make one person laugh, one cry, one ragequit, and many more just shake their heads.

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Lol nice jaxxoon, be brutal ^.^

It'd help those who are just gonna submit maps to say something about them, otherwise I'm (and I'm sure everyone else who decides to play one and talk smack about it) just choosing from either people I'm farmiliar with or maps that sound interesting/short. Maps that are both undescribed and filled with tons of enemies will likely be passed over.

I want to play AD's maps though, firewall looked sweet, though I don't know who did what on it. But once again, people I'm farmiliar with.

Also, people who take part in the fun are probably more likely to receive some fun thrown back at them ;p

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Fonze said:

I want to play AD's maps though, firewall looked sweet, though I don't know who did what on it. But once again, people I'm farmiliar with.

I'd prefer to keep this to the Mutiny thread, but ok:


I did the layout and most of the thing placement, Breezeep did detailing and some initial thing placement.

Also my old maps are nothing like what I make now, it may as well be someone else that made those old things.

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Breezeep said:

My first Doom wad release:

I liked this map, it's a bit too much a shooting gallery but it has a nice vibe.

AD_79 said:

Startan is love :^)

It reminds of my actual first map (instead of the one I posted here), which got lost due to hard-disk death. Pretty much it was a clusterfuck of imps in blocky rooms all made of grey startan.

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So first of all, I had trouble figuring out which Doom game this was actually for, but that's kind of my fault to be honest, too used to every mod being for Doom 2.

So we start off in the land of STARTAN, my favorite Mario theme, in which we see visuals resembling the bizarre preliminary canvas scribblings of a feverish and hungry Van-Gogh esq mad artist in map form. So that's good. Reminds me of more than a few maps I never finished. Fitting, because I would never hope to call this thing a finished anything. Then I go up the stairs and somehow avoid being skewered on the deathcream cone sector cthulhu at its top. I ran out of ammo while fighting all the monsters in the skinny bit. That's very smart of you, putting 50 monsters in one hallway so they all infight to death, saves more room for more deathcream cones. But then right as I'm hoping for a shotgun to make clearing them out a little easier, what do you know, a shotgun sitting in a pool of blood right around the corner.

Unfortunately, it was guarded be a pinky who seemed to be blessed with the world's greatest RNG, as it took forever for him to go down. I'm assuming the shotgun was in the state it was because he ate it along with some poor sergeant, but had to vomit it up not knowing you're supposed to call poison control for these things. Now that's visual storytelling.

Then I go out into another skinny hallway (this time with hell textures, so we'll call it the hellway to avoid any confusion with any other skinny hallways) where I am attacked by a dead guy chained to a wall that shoots fireballs from his crotch. It takes all of two shotgun shells, but soon the terrible beast is felled and now he is not only dead, but dead and unable to shoot. He is not a midtexture. He is a monster. Yes.

Then I went to a place that looks like E2M2 got put into a trash compactor. Fitting, because it played like trash, too. Like a bad crate & cacodemon rave party, I skipped that shit and murdered the eyeball at the end of the world.

It reminded me of E1M10: Sewers but even more flat and amateur. A bunch of Tricks and Traps sort of traps that can be easily ignored and a big amphitheater that ends in a door that looks like it was meant to be locked but wasn't. Then I went into a confusing elevator that I'm surprised you managed to pull of when you didn't even know how skies worked why the fuck are the skies what. Then I fell into a hole full of imps and won. Yay.

Skull clusterfuck. Skullterfuck. It's amazing. It exists. I'm saving a screenshot for the skeleton thread. It's wave after wave of monster in the Skull Zone. Then I meet a nice cyberdemon that quickly kills off all the annoying birdies for me, so that's good. It was great, and all, killing scrub tier monsters and annoying birdies and feeling for switches in the dark in the 2big single room of the Bone & Bones Warehouse, but I'm glad it's over.

Then 50 cupajillion more monsters come out and it becomes the worst map ever and is also not over. Then it ends. You really came to like the Doom 1 death exit sector effect, didn't you?

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SuperCupcakeTactics: Dark Fall X

Aw this wasn't so bad. I mean, any area with the green techwall texture was absolutely hideous but that's only a majority of the map, everywhere else, if rather bare, looks pretty alright. There are a lot of Newbie Zdoomisms, like the old, "Oh yeah a thing fell off the ceiling and-- get this, it's on the ground," everywhere but you know, kids those days. But maybe the zany music simply wooed me somehow. Just look at this beautiful poetry I discovered while attempting to steal away said song with Slade:

"31 samples:
0 - nosense, nosense,...
1 - " fat warrior " isn't
2 - used to make nosense,
3 - just for fun and
4 - dream, for those who
5 - think the truth is
6 - far from our world &
7 - our dimension.
8 - no need to escape in
9 - the space, just leave
10 - your mind and your
11 - body will follow .->*
12 - by these words, hi to
13 - dr.jezus, oris, and
14 - to the increasing
15 - marvellous : miloose.
16 - ps to miloose : ---->
17 - beware of the little
18 - green martians, and
19 - his flowers from
20 - space, it may reset
21 - your mind >"':%!)!
22 - just don't abuse from
23 - smoking...->"vomiting
24 - isn't the really
25 - goal of inspiration."
26 - smokers don't use
27 - drugs and slimfast.
28 - this song composed
29 - by fat warrior from
30 - da lazy team : osmose"


Oh, and then it crashed Zandronum as soon as I beat the level. Thanks, Fucker.

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Hahaha hahaha omfg great stuff jaxxoon, that had me laughing so hard, I almost shed one manly tear.

Also, it's Fonze not Alfonze, this ain't full metal alchemist bro.

It certainly wasn't a finished anything, I left the last room empty aside from the ledge you walk on earlier. I'm suprised you didn't talk smack about the trap in the green hallway that goes one direction, 90s, then 90s again after a couple feet and otherwise seems pointless, lol. And the deathcream cone of cthulu (lmao) was a cross. The player was definitely not meant to go up the stairs before getting the shotgun and on UV there's 2 shotgun guys that you meet around the corner before the pinky(s?). But I lol'd at your description of the shotgun and pinky, that's exactly what it was, haha.

Matter of fact, I lol'd at the entire post, especially the MAP03 section. I prolly pissed my co-worker off because he was trying to talk to me and all I could do was laugh.

Also the part with the dead guy mid-texture. Shit was funny too. Its a fake wall though with health and ammo. 2 imps on HMP.

Shame you skipped the crate room, that's still one of my favorite rooms to play through, but I suppose it has sentimental value for me, and one of the secrets I put in, the one with the "No Humans" sign, just cracks me up. But you were correct that I was going for a Doom 1 feel. Shame I sucked at it, haha.

MAP02 was my first (shitty lol) attempt at non-linearity. That was the point of the rooms that could be skipped. Also to give certain items/weapons for a pistol start.

I liked the amphitheater; for my third, at that point, wad, I thought it turned out well. Now I look at it and say the stage could use work, as well as the little projection booth. I could have also made the seats real seats instead of benches, what is this, a church? Hindsight, ahh... *sighs*

I'm glad you liked my n00bish lack of a sky, instead just putting sky textures on essentially walls. Oh and the ceiling too, can't forget that. It took me a while to figure out skies because after that failed attempt (idk how I didn't find the info online, it was definitely still there 5 years ago... Me<---Moron) I didn't try again for another year. The imp hole was my first attempt at that type of level end. Totally mis-used, totally fitting, haha.

Your description of MAP03... Good god, hahaha. I'm glad you somewhat liked it; that was the point where I was like, "F*ck this, I'm doing something else." So I figured I'd make an arena for me to have fun playing. It was my first arena and of course it sucked, lol, but the monsters were all easy, so it was just a nice, casual play for me. And being the last map, why not have 2 cyberdemons and 2 spider masterminds? What else are n00bs good for? ;p

That second use of the death level end was put in just because I thought it was funny that after I would win the level/map set, Hell wouldn't play fair, like in Doom's story.

And now something I've noticed:

sesalpinogamer said:

Plataforming is the problem,throught,there is a part in the cave you need to do very precise jumps to get a cell recharge pack,and the archviles are a bit to user hostile,you should abuse less on hell knights and put more cacodemons,because seriously,killing a hell knight with a shotgun is a pain in the ass,the BFG being a secret that could only be gotten by a difficult jump is just stupid considering the difficulty of this level (I had to use Ressurect on the archviles part and Give ammo on the very start.Also the everything placement is very very user hostile,yes it is nice that you get the rocket launcher early on,and the plasma gun is a nice complement,but really,the first blue armor,i only discovered it because i was looking for shells and i looked up,again,the bfg problem,even if i didn't see the spider mastermind,because i was in the easiest difficulty (I'm too young to die!),or because i just ignored it (I got 93% kills,completed it in ~10 minutes),and the fucking double barrel shotgun,are you kidding me?I only found it because i was searching for an exit or something in the cave,BY ACCIDENT, [...]

This was for my most recently made map.
I cut out the nice parts. (like 2 sentences)

Well at least it looks as though my mapping has gotten better over time
(sarcasm), haha

*Edit* funny post above this one too

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I have found him. I have found our philosopher: Fat Warrior.

It is written that he started to composed on his Amiga while being boring at home, but then joined a group called OSMOSE (I'm assuming this is like AVALANCHE) but then stopped after he got his PC and became a cop.

May you beat back the forces of corruption, wise Frenchman, and find the truth that exists far from our world.

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SavageCorona's map is a bit bland and boring (and WAY too dark in the beginning) but there are some nifty little bits that show potential. It's unremarkable but not flat-out shit by any means. That HK at the top of the 64 wide lift was bullshit though!

dt_'s maps are very plain in he texturing department (the entire wad is brown and black, essentially) but the level design is actually quite good. The monster traps, the layout in general is all quite good. Spend a couple hours retexturing these babies and you'll actually have a solid 3 map set - For the most part. Found the blue key in map03 but no idea what it did, and there wasn't nearly enough ammo in that one anyway. It was the worst of the three, but honestly it's not all that bad.

I'll keep going through these!

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The last three of the set have some more varied texturing- I got more confident as I went on. 04 and 5 are my faves- but you'll have to be very careful with rad suits on map04, when I played em recently I had to cheat. There is also a pretty harsh battle in an arena late on in the map. All ill say is choose wisely on entering...

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Nice DoomKid!
Maybe a but more brutal next time ;p

I played Breezeep's map and I can safely say that it's an exercise in sanity.

The first 2 secrets went so far over my head (despite me knowing about the 2nd one due to the stairs) that I thought they were 75% of objects thrown in my direction. (I'm short)

I loved how ammo was so scarce in the 2nd main part of the level that I quickly found myself running out. I thought everything was cool at first, I made it through the chaingunners and arachnotrons with enough shells to take out the 2 shotgunners, no bullets. When I encountered the first baron I used my last shell on his death blow. I had maybe 20 bullets. I thought it was great, I love ammo conservation to the absolute extreme. It was also just fantastic when I encountered 2 more barons with a ssg with 10 shells and 4 bullets.

I got the unique experience of punching an almost full-health baron with no berserk pack! (again)

It was also tons of totally-not-tedious fun to punch my way through like 5 or 6 bulls with no ammo or berserk pack... only to find a small amount of ammo, 10 bullets and 4 shells with 2 unreachable shotgunners, leading to an arachnotron. Because that's what everyone wants to see in a semi-narrow hallway. Sneak past an arachnotron with no ammo? Oh yes, let's do it.

If my goal were to masochistically torture myself I'd do this:
Or just play the first half of this wad repeatedly.

In all seriousness though, Breezeep's map was straight-up awesome, save the lack of ammo and a berserk pack situation. On the flip side, if you actually do find all 3 secrets, it's not so bad. But finding them... boy Breez, you're a d*ck ;) especially for making them damn-near necessary to complete the level. With 40 shells total (if I remember correctly) and the chainsaw hidden in the first 2. The plasma gun secret was easy to find, but for some reason on my second play through I had trouble getting the gate by the red key to open. Idk what I did to make it open the first run, but I ran around and it opened the second time.
The lighting was also just fantastic. Stellar level of detail, even back then man.
Over-all I enjoyed it, and it's no suprise to me now that you did all/most/a good portion of the detailing on Firewall.

Now I gotta play AD's map(s) >:D
But tommorow.

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gaspe said:

Startan is love :^)

It sure is.

I played AD's maps, all 5 of them. (3 blended together, one had like 20% in health pickups, one was a HoM masterpiece, one was my favorite, and that last one kinda blended into my memory with the other three).

So which was my favorite? Hands down MAP06. The room you start in is also the exit room, what a revolutionary idea!

I also thought the non-linear gameplay of MAP05 was revolutionary. You could literally walk anywhere and finish the level. It was shear genius to include those two maps, without them the other levels would have left me wanting more.

I actually found every secret except the one behind the red rock wall. I guess you like the idea of humping everything like that giant humping robot on Robot Chicken. Or maybe you just played Duke Nukem and now that's all your brain hears when you do hump the walls, "Uh! Where is it?" I suppose marking each secret would have made too much sense, so you just decided to offset a few textures. Smart move there, people like inspecting every vertex mid-game.

On the bright side, ammo was more charitable than the Clinton Foundation and the endless (like 5) possibilities for a MAP01 that played out before me made me wonder why there was never a MAP02. I don't think that's a good thing, idk how that wound up here.

Anyway, I really liked how the Startan matched the other Startan. The way that two blocks of the same proportions could be used to texture a wall absolutely blew my mind. The typical door ceiling textures on the top (floor) of certain metal support beams that your run across made total sense, too.

MAP02 had less medical supplies than a discount surgeon in Tijuana.

In all seriousness, if it's possible for a person to get over the detailing, or lack there-of, the gameplay of these maps was solid. It reminds me of my first few maps, just with more Startan. :) I assume the reasons for maps 5 and 6 was so "Shawn's Got the Shot Gun" would play on the last map. Maybe also because it had an ending similar to "Dead Simple," which is the same map slot and ironically the same title... Imagine that.

Good jerb with these maps bro, especially the Startan. The only thing it was missing was a failed sky attempt. ;p

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Played 129thVisplane's map, boy what a map.

My favorite part was the locked red door 4 feet past the other locked red door required for entry.

My second favorite part was right after that when there's a secret armor that's not marked as a secret and the way out which is marked as a secret in the same room. I thought that made total sense.

The weird texture matches in some parts had me more confused than a man at a baby shower.

If you're worried that this won't be remembered, don't; it will, just not for any reasons you'd like to hear.

In times like these I like to remember the old saying, "if at first you don't succeed, deny you ever tried."

To be honest, this map was fun to play. I found all the secrets, which was sweet, though a couple were tough to find. The scrolling sky texture-movie-thing was funny, but looked like crap. I think it would have been better to make the entire thing house the secret instead just one piece with the texture offset. That one confused the Hell out of me. Aside from that and a few rocks/techwalls, the map was solid and fun to play. I liked the crates, the blood rooms, some other cool rooms, the general level design, and monster/item placement.

Good stuff ^^

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Brood of Hatred was my first map and first release. This is the map I started on with the DoomBuilder tutorial...kinda escalated quickly lol.


Looking at it now it has a few cool ideas, but all in all it really sucks :P Lots of mapping errors and really poor gameplay choices. I dunno...should have made a smaller map and try to learn how to really map instead of going down the epic lane I guess hehe

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