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Map Status Phase 1

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do you think i should add more weapons in my levels?

Right now i checked:

E1M5: it have only the basic weapons: Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket launcher. missed the chaingun. probably the map may look dont have chaingun because its a weapon you find outside the base from start, if you feel the map lack weaponry maybe i can move the chaingun somewhere earlier and replace the old chaingun with a chainsaw

E2M5: it have every weapon available, Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and plasmagun (but secret) 2 beserk packs. if it needed i can make some changes too.

Map12, Map15, Map28 i will check them as soon i get the most recent version of my maps from the repository

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Z0k said:

do you think i should add more weapons in my levels?

They are fine. If skills need adjusted I would rather swap map slots and not alter your maps. The secret exit maps are fine.

I am doing more than my usual map-by-map playtesting right now. I was playing through each episode and evaluating the gameplay of each map in relation to the others.

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Converted thread title to a Map Status thread.

Finished playing through entire Phase 1 and there are not many big fights at all. There are still empty mapslots near the end of episodes which would be the most excellent places for maps with big fights. Mapslots can also be rearranged.

E4 is nearly flawless, excepting that E4M8 has too much luck involved in the first 20 seconds. Will fix soon.

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first play through of freedoom for a while, started with phase 1, hurt me plenty. Died within a few feet of the exit door. Was a little surprised at the difficulty. 3 keys needed to exit by map 2 seemed a bit much, and I hadn't found anything better than the shotgun. I wasn't trying too hard not to die, however.

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