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Defiling Well [beta]

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Canyon + cave-themed map. A limit-removing port is needed because of heavy visplane count, especially in the cave area. This is my second map since Sunbleed last year. Still brushing up on my skills and trying to be more comfortable and less OCD at it.

This is a bit of a hasty release; I've been working on the balancing, and I may need to do more.

Name: Defiling Well
Game: Doom 2
Map: Map01
URL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a8vd5y17w26725v/defiling.wad

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very cool! here's an fda if you're into that sort of thing: https://www.mediafire.com/?fejgb8iwcafbi4c

fun level to casually play through. the aesthetics were nice, I'm a fan of this style of rock chunkiness. overall the difficulty was low, but no inherent problems with that. I did think there was far too much health and ammo though, at least in the cave area. I also noticed some weird block-sound lines, check the demo to see what I mean.

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I liked it. I was sad to see the exit right behind the blue key door. Felt like it ended too soon. I wanted to keep playing. I managed to complete without getting the rocket launcher, went and found it after I found the exit.

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FDA. Sorry, I've spent inappropriately too much time trying to straferun to the blue key from the first lift. I was successful only once, no more (and died afterwards). I've eventually finished the map regularly (still in the demo).

It was a great map, cool visuals and architecture, and good amount of challenge, not exactly hard, but just how I like it. The amount of backtracking also felt right to me. Overally, satisfying to play. Good job.

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