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Doom 3 Catchup

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Despite our lack of updates for the past few days, the world has in fact moved on, so here's a big batch of Doom 3 news which has transpired while we were sleeping:
Gamespy's third interview with id Software talks to Graeme Devine and Tim Willits about the finer points of the sound engine and the game's design.
In the annual "best of E3" articles that spring up all over the web, Doom 3 got more than a few mentions for its crazy next-gen technology. Gamespy calls it best overall PC game, and PC.IGN calls it the game of the show, as does Well-Rounded Entertainment.
According to a Gamespot article, Doom III for Xbox is a possibility. Wasn't it always? Is this new?
More-mainstream media magnate MSNBC macks on movie madly.
Wired posted an audio interview with John Carmack and Trent Reznor, talking about Doom 3 (natch), especially the engine and the sounds/music (double natch). It's an audio stream, but quake.de has posted a MP3 version if that floats your boat instead.

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Fredrik said:

Aahh... more DOOM3 info...

Now, is it not about time for DW to do an interview?

Such as..

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