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Let's talk Doom BETA

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Or, I dunno, maybe such a thread exists but I'm posting a new one to avoid the risk of necroposting.

So at QuakeCon they talked about the BETA... briefly. A summary can be found here.


I... would have preferred a more specific estimate for when it's out, like, month, quarter, season, whatevs.

And then there's the question of eligibility. I didn't pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order but the copy I got for christmas last year DID have a BETA code that I redeemed and it works so... I dunno if I'll get to play the BETA at some point or not.

I also wonder if they'll say a bit more about the BETA on saturday when they'll show more of the game. I'll try to watch Bethesda's stream then.

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If your code worked, then you are entered into the beta. Anyone with a working code gets into the beta.
Only a certain amount of that pool of people will get access to the alpha.

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