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Looks kinda like 50% modern FPS deathmatch, and 50% oldschool Doom goodness (the RL frags were fucking gold)

Looks a little slow but, I'm pumped as hell!

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Looking good so far. With Quake not really being a thing in the foreseeable future and UT being bare bones atm, I need a good arena style death match game. It does seem like Quake will live on in DOOMs MP modes.

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Off-topic, but I don't care because I need to vent right about now...

Damn Bethesda to Hell for going QuakeCon '14 on us all over again!

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DooM_RO said:

Isn't the Doom panel tommorow?

I saw the stream yesterday and it is. Around 3pm in Dallas time, which for me is 10pm (I'm in Sweden).

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