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New singleplayer screenshots

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The cacos suddenly look so awkward. Dunno why I never noticed it before but they look like they have fuzzy spik hats on them. And they;re blue? Wut?

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After finishing watching the panel, I'm positive that weird big gun is supposed to be a BFG with one of the mods they were talking about, because no other single-player gun they've shown so far is that big.

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scifista42 said:

Among the numerous signs on the weapon's surface, I don't see a "BFG" sign. It also seems different than the BFG in the Hell gameplay video - but kind of similar too.

Some multiplayer accounts have talked about a pick up gauss cannon. I would bet my left that is what this gun is.

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I hope we get a good glimpse of the Spector/Pinky/Pinkstre soon! COuld also use a shot of the Baron of Hell.

This brings us to about 12 monsters so far.

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pro_zealot said:

Cyberdemon need improvment. (more demonic he should be)


My biggest bitch is the enemy design. Over all I fucking hate most of them. They look more like aliens then demons. And the Cyberdemon is just cartoonish.

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J.B.R said:

Damn the Revenant looks less skeletal, he has now flesh.
Other than that i'm liking the looks of this.

He's always had flesh. Look closely.

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