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GmDOOM (how to install and use?)

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So I found GmDOOM for Half-Life 2, and I am dying to play it, but I can not find a thing on how to install this through Steam. Anyone know how to go about it?

THanks in advance!

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LittleInferno said:

It's for Garry's Mod.

How do I install Garry's MOD?

EDIT: I see it now, though I also see it's not free. OK, thanks!

I was under the assumption that by subscribing to the GMDOOM page that it would install, at least that's what the instructions led me to believe. When I have the money to pay for Garry's MOD, I'll be back if I'm still having trouble getting. GMDOOM.

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You click subscribe on this page after you buy Garry's Mod, preferably also after you buy at least one source game (Half Life 2 specifically but Counter Strike Source is a pretty big must if you ever intend to play it online) and then it will download it automatically. You need an IWAD for it to work, interestingly enough.

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