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Doom³ redux [was] Doomed Duck Pack v. 1.1

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A CanardPC member (Clear_strelok) compiled some mods in his own mod pack (here is his first post about this mod in the Doom³ thread).
Beware, this mod is currently developed by a French guy, so it might not work correctly in another language.
The 1.3 version is on the rails.

  • Download (1.29Go).
  • 1.1 hotfix.
  • It currently does not work with the Doom³ BFG, but I think that he’s working on it.

More info:
  • Replaces textures with high-resolution versions like Wulfen and Monoxead,
  • Introduces some sounds from Trent Reznor’s sound pack,
  • Modern interface, large screen support and minimalist HUD,
  • Corrects some bugs in the French translation, you can play with French subtitles and English voices,
  • Minor changes in arms and enemies configuration files,
  • Player shadow and tweaks to boost graphics parameters,
  • Removes the cross-hair, it may be re-enabled but not in the options,
  • Plug and play mod.
P.S.: If Clear_strelok comes here, he deserves the OP.

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haha, i was imagining this added ducks! i looked at a few of the first screenshots before i started reading things, i was like "Where the hell are these ducks"

Looks pretty good, when i get home i'll have to load this up and see how it looks in real life :D

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It’s configurable, open autoexec.cfg and change seta sys_lang "french" by seta sys_lang "english".

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I been playing this MOD and it's really good. Running it 4K with 2 times aa makes it look stunning. Love the way the bodies don't disintegrate so easy after a shotgun blast. Hopefully I'll finish it before doom 4 hits.

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