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CliffWalk ,a strange level (PRE-ALPHA STAGE)

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Personally, I like the idea of friendly marines. Please don't give up on mapping, sesalpinogamer. Your mapping styles remind me of my early maps, which is not a bad thing. :) You'll definitely improve over time, just as I have.

Oh, and to correct SavageCorona, zdoom does in fact have Railguns. Or at least Railgun marines. The coding for the actual weapon is there, for sure, but for whatever reason, the pickup is not included. :/ I know you were talking about gzdoom and not zdoom, but I assume that gzdoom has everything zdoom has, just with more features.

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sesalpinogamer said:

I didn't felt offended,just sad because that is 3 days of effort to receive a bad rating.

I tried to make a map in 3 days once, it turned into 2 weeks. That's the fastest I've ever made a map.

Seriously bro, just pick a map concept and go with it. You can create a million one-room jobs to learn, but it's much better to just try and finish a map. Get at least one real one under your belt, even if it sucks.

That's another thing, don't expect your first or even tenth map to be great; try to get it there, but don't expect praise from others. It must be earned through time and effort. Follow that detailing article by Xaser to learn to add detail to the otherwise plain areas. Really make the starting room look cool, but not overdone. Put some thought into it. But don't expect your first few attempts to be perfect. You need to find that delicate balance.

Work also on thinking of cool gameplay designs, such as how a particular encounter will play out, where the monsters will come from, what the health and ammo situation will be, etc. Fuck it, piss everyone except for me off and make a maze ;p

Point is, go with something and follow it through to the bitter end. Get experience with each of the different facets of mapping in Doom. Then you will be set up and ready to make wads that will appeal to the masses. Until then, just make what you like, take criticism and learn from it, rinse and repeat. :)

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Well, you did ask.

sesalpinogamer said:

Guys,is it a good idea to add friendly marines?

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I am already finishing the map (Only need to do the industy!),so i am already setting up a new map i will do,lost in the snow.

Similarly to The Long Dark,you were on a plane,going to alaska to fight against the demon invasion,obviously,you are a winning by a mile,and the war was almost ending,but a lighting stuck your plane and it crashed on a cold lake in alaska,luckly,you managed to land on a piece of floating ice,but your friends didn't had the same luck,they fell into the freezing river with the plane and died from hypotermia.You,you will slowly start dying if you don't go into hotter places,like houses,caves,facilities and etc...

The drill:
-You will lose small amounts of health when outside (around 1% p/ second),however,caves,houses,and hotter places are frequent,has well has health
-The level will be MAMOTH size,big,open enviroments with a lot of places to go,including hell itself!
-The level will have a apocalyptic theme,everything is broken,bodies from marines and demons are everywhere,very few enemies,and has i plan to but the goldeneye 007 skulltag edition music from that snow level after you take the plane,i think it will be atmospheric
-The main part of the level resides about going to a facility,has you know there are some marines there,but the bridge that leads to it is broken,and the only way you can fix it is black magic (Welcome to the world of videogames,my friend!)So you must go to hell itself and slaughter the evil sorcerer,the archvile,and when you get to the facility,you realize that something went extremely wrong,vines are growing all over the place,cryogenic capsules are broken,everything is falling apart,and all your fellow marines?Dead.To end the level,you must get to a place with the last remaining marines,and then the level ends.

Probaly going to change a lot but...Pudings.

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Sesal, don't get me wrong, it sounds like you have good ideas, but you must spend more time, especially in the beginning, on your maps. Just doing stuff a 5-year-old could do will never help you. Focus on making it look and play well so the majority of people don't write you off for cheesy maps. While I don't think anybody would expect a map of this quality early in your mapping career, play "The Firewall" on the Mutiny thread for a great example of what you should strive to achieve before moving on to a new map.

Write that idea down somewhere for later; it sounds cool. But for now, try to focus on one thing at a time :)

Another thing to remember is that the more abstract the concept is, the tougher it will be to pull off; it needs to be done correctly. If you want to see an epic fail of mine, you can look at the MAP01 of my megawad, lol. I got so caught up in trying to fulfill the concept that I totally screwed the level up. One thing to note, I didn't start making that map until I had been mapping for at least 2-3 years. Even now I'm still learning, as we all are, but I obviously wasn't ready for that at that time. Its good to try to do something and fail sometimes, but I prolly would have been better off practicing level design and detailing than complex-concept implementation in the beginning.

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Why make a post with your first ever try at making a map? Looks like you just learned how to draw lines and apply textures. And why the heck am I bumping this? arghh

It's really annoyinh how you keep complaining about spending "days" working on a map. You know how much time I put on my current project (the first and only I presented)? Working on and off, It's been about 2 years and some 8 months of actual work, And I haven't got half the ammount of feedback you got for your idiotic squares with textures that melt with the sky.

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