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Omega Tyrant

What are the stats of Doom 64's Unmaker?

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I've been curious to knowing exactly what its stats are, and the Doom Wiki doesn't have its data, while a Google search and a search here turned up absolutely nothing regarding its stats. So does anywhere here have its data?

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What I've understood from the code, it does 2 times more damage than the plasma. And if I remember correctly, unpowered it fires 1 laser every 8 tics, 1 power it fires 1 laser in 6 tics, 2 power it fires 2 lasers in 6 or 5 tics, and 3 power it fires 3 lasers in 5 tics.

And I think the laser beam is just an effect.. it hits instantly like bullets. And when it fires more than 1 laser, and fired continuously, it will have a non random spread pattern.

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