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Jaxxoon R

Honest Hideous Destructor Manual

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The Hideous Destructor weapons and monsters mod is, among other things, a "raping of the gameplay" of Doom. The basic premise goes something like this: what if Doom, with its demons and zombies and 80s-metal horrors and ridiculous firepower, was completely unplayable? What if a lone zombie coming at you with an assault rifle became a game-breaking wall of bullets? What if your guns actually were completely useless compared to the enemy's, breaking the balance of almost every single map ever made? What if, on Phobos, you had to face a force that was much more plausibly capable of wiping out an entire platoon of crippled twats that pose as space marines?

To accomplish this design objective, HD makes three main changes:

- Taking all the monsters and their weapons up a couple trillion notches, exaggerating their strengths and none of their weaknesses.
- Creating more incentives for the player to turn off the game, while making it a lot harder to actually play in a coherent manner.
- Adding an inventory system to waste the player's time by adding an unintuitive way to use items they would want to use immediately anyways.
- Unfitting, garbage sound effects that seem to be recordings of cheap, lead-ridden Chinese toys being stomped on from a microphone with the gain maxed out.

The result is a mindless, boring, and worse-than-Brutal-Doom experience where everyone is a fucking moron except the mindless, animalistic monsters. Have fun not having fun, fuckface.

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