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Do you use the same nickname ingame?

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Protester said:

I've embarrassingly been called "prostitute" before. What can ya do eh?

Hahaha ouch. That's pretty funny though

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The only time I don't use scalliano is when I physically can't. Basically, if you see scalliano gaming on anything other than XBox Live, you can be pretty sure it's me.

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HorrorMovieGuy said:

Only when playing with friends. Otherwise I just use random imature shit like "brain fart" or "booger buns"

Not "Boot"? I'm disappointed.

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When I first started out using BBS in the 80's I was known as MadDave and this carried forward into my first forays into the internet. When I started playing MMOs such Asheron's Call & Ultima Online I used Atlantiss a name I stuck with for a long time using it in games such as PlanetSide and Star Wars Galaxies. When I decided to start a second account in SWG I needed a name so I adapted my current and more unique name from Metroid Prime - The Phendrana Drifts. I really miss SWG but the NGE screwed the game and it just wasn't the same. Ho hum.

So yes, I do use Phendrena as my forum name and also my in game name, but I'm stuck with Atlantiss as my Steam username :(


** edit **
Phendrena seemed to suit my female Twi'lek tailor and sounds more feminine than Phendrana!

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Yup. Don't even remember how I came up with it, just that I started using it a long time ago.

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