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Doom - Evil Unleashed 3.2

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Inferno – Part 2


Major Jefferson raised the pistol and pulled the trigger. He fired eight shots at the brown terror, before it stumbled and fell backwards, bleeding from a couple holes in the body. Jefferson had missed with two of the shots.

He staggered forward, with his left hand pressed against his side. A stream of blood flowed from beneath his hand. Another of these brown creatures had swiped its claw at him and had managed to rip a wound in his side.

Wearily, he looked around for something he could use to tend his wound with, but found nothing. The wound hurt and the Major felt exhausted. He couldn’t believe that all this was happening and he kept telling himself that it was just a bad dream and that he could wake up any moment.
But the pain from the wound seemed so painfully real.

He reeled like a drunkard and moved slowly down a hallway lit with flashing red light. The horrible noise of the alarm hurt in Jefferson’s ears and drove him crazy. It was difficult for him to make out things in the flashing red light. He bit his teeth firmly together and suppressed a moan of pain as he felt another sting of pain in his wounded side.

He had to locate the monorail leading to the West base. The West Base, a mining facility, was currently abandoned, partially because all the troops there had been sent to Phobos and partially because the mining operation had been postponed. The West Base was the newest part of the Martian base, but it had turned out that the mining systems weren’t quite safe enough yet. That was where the Major intended to go, as he was closer to the western monorail station.

He stopped dead in his tracks. Ahead, he saw thick smoke indicating that there was a fire – no doubt caused by these brown horrors. The Major knew that he had to continue, as this was the only way to the monorail station. He tore a bit of his uniform off and wrapped it around the underside of his face to protect his lungs against the smoke. He continued. The smoke began to annoy his throat and he coughed. He could now see flames lick up against one of the walls. However, he couldn’t really make things out too clearly because of the smoke.

Something suddenly swiped at him out of the side of his eye and he felt a sharp pain across his belly. He screamed in pain and staggered backwards, raising his gun. He saw a humanoid form with spikes protruding from its hide and burning eyes. The Major fell to the floor as his legs refused to keep him upright, and he felt his left hand touch something slimy, but warm substance – he was holding his own intestines in his hand. But he managed to opened fire at the creature. The creature howled in pain as three bullets hit it in its torso and the forth bullet flew right past it and ricocheted off a metallic wall a few feet away without doing further harm. To his horror, the Major heard the metallic, sliding sound of an empty clip being ejected, followed by a metallic clinking sound as the clip hit the floor. He backed away, desperately fumbling for a spare clip, but he was out of ammunition.

The brown thing hissed angrily, lurched and attacked, and before Jefferson knew it, he felt its claws tear into his flesh and he opened his mouth to scream...


I swung the butt of the shotgun into the face of the imp in front of me and pulled the trigger while keeping the barrel of the weapon over my shoulder, blowing away the advancing imp behind me. I pumped the gun and finished off the dazed imp which I had smacked in the face. Another imp popping out of nowhere on my left side was blown away before it even realized that I had moved around to face it with my shotgun in firing position.

The last enemy in the area was dead and I took my time to look at the nightmarish surroundings.

Above me was an odd marble block, with an evil-looking, goat like demon face which I had only seen in the strange tower on Deimos where I defeated the dreadful cyberdemon. The block was floating in the air some eight feet above the wooden floor. But what caught my attention was the human-like tech beneath the block. On the floor, just beneath the block was what looked like a sort of man-made teleportation pad. Looking more thoroughly at the floating marble block, I noticed a wire leading from the side of the block into the wooden walls on each side of the Hellish machine.

What in the name of the Devil is this shit? It looks like some sort of demonic attempt at making a translocator gateway

It then dawned on me that this thing was just that. Or so it seemed. The demons were apparently trying to create their own interdiminsional gateway through stolen human technology. I felt my heart sink as I realized that my efforts to destroy the Phobos and Deimos gates could have been in vain, but as I went closer, I discovered ruined metal pieces strewn on the floor around the machine and furthermore, the pad itself seemed to be completely ruined. Looking up at the machinery inside the marble block, I also noticed that it seemed to be ruined as well. The gateway seemed to be broken, but how?

While pondering on the vague possibility that one of my fellow marines might have destroyed it, another thought entered my mind. What if these gateways were unstable? I didn’t know much about the experimental human gateways, but it was possible that such a thing could blow up if things weren’t done right.
The demons could have had problems with making their machine work and it might have misfired, ruining the interior of it.

It might only be a matter of time before these bastards manage to build a functional gate, I gotta hurry! I told myself in my mind.

I went up a wooden staircase and suddenly found myself in a pink labyrinth made of some sort of strange flesh.

Deep roaring sounds echoed out of the cramped, stinking labyrinth. There were demons within the maze, but the fleshy walls gave me a bad feeling too.

I entered the maze with all senses alert, while trying to focus on the hostile environments instead of the mocking voices in my head.


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