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Enlisting Help for Competitive Mod

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Greetings, the name is zRexx. My gaming community is currently in the process of starting up a clan for Doom, and we hope to hold various tournaments and game nights. We would like to enlist help for developing a simple mod that would be make the game more suitable for competitive play. Here are the ideas I have in mind:
--Removing all damage randomization (to make the game less luck-based)
--Giving the pistol perfect accuracy (to make it more useful as a starting weapon)
--Removing both shotgun's spread randomization (to make the game less luck based)
--Lowering the super shotgun's damage (so it purely functions as a close range weapon, rather than being too overpowered)
--Making the chaingun slightly stronger (for balance purposes)
--Giving the plasma gun larger, but slower projectiles (to give it a similar role to the Quake 3 Plasma Gun, so it overlaps less with the chaingun)

Would anyone be interested in helping me with this? It shouldn't be too hard for an experienced modder to develop. Feel free to leave a message below if you're interested in helping, or have any suggestions for the mod.

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All changes you suggested should be possible to do with DECORATE. Beware, DECORATE only works in modern ZDoom based ports - of all multiplayer centered ports, it means only Zandronum. You didn't mention which port are you centered around, but if it's Zandronum, it's fine.

DECORATE editing isn't hard, specially not for simple edits as those you wanted. Feel free to check guides and tutorials on the wiki page I linked to.

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