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Bryan T

Macho Man Zombies

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Hahaha that's awesome. Reminds me of Simpson Doom as a kid because all the speech.

Keep going with this, I wanna see (hear) more :)

Matter of fact, making the zombies look like Macho Man would really set it off for me.

Itd be funny to have a Pro-Wrestler Doom.

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Dave The Daring said:

I was working on a similar Hulk Hogan mod, but because of recent developments, I've had to abandon it. :(

Look at the bright side, you didn't lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Realized if I just override what grunt/sight says there's no need to replace the actors... Also updated the slots a lot since this video. Figured it's worth a bump.

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Man you could bump this post forever and I'd never mind... heh.

Seriously though, when do we get a full on, Pro-Wrestler Doom? Doom-C-W, W-W-Doom, T-N-Doom, Backyard Dooming; we need something, haha.

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