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Chex Quest(ions)

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The current situation from what I gathered is that the original Chex Quest isn't easily available anymore besides finding a used copy which is very unreliable. Chex Quest 3 is freely downloadable, but differs from the original game, one of the biggest things being only supporting ZDoom-based engines. Would it be possibly legally to make a legal Chex Quest 1 or a Vanilla Chex Quest 3 or something so we can have a free and legal Chex Quest 1 as similar to the original one as possible. The biggest problem with the original is, I think that it includes a considerable amount of Ultimate Doom resources in it. Those would ofcourse have to be removed to. Would there be any possibility and interest in such a thing?

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Bloodshedder said:

I remember this one. It's a weird unofficial port of the game converted to DOOM II. But it's still just the first, 5-level, Chex Quest. Would be cool if the same treatment was given to the remaining two chapters. The third Chex Quest is interesting in that it was made many years later by one of the original team members of the original Chex Quest (one of the artists), with one new episode along with improvements to the original two.

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