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Air control question.

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Hi, guys. I'm trying to manipulate air control for my mod, but I also want it to be compatible with Zandronum, so this flag called "compat_limited_airmovement" or something must be set to 'true,' I think, in order to make aircontrol work properly. I've figured out how to set air control with an ACS script, which is this:

Script "770" ENTER NET

And the answer to that question took forever to find, but now I have no idea how to set that other flag, and I can't find the answer anywhere. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place, or maybe I'm being too specific with my search, but the question still stands: How do I set that flag so it'll work properly with Zandronum? A direct answer to this specific question would be greatly appreciated, although if you do happen to know where I could take inquiries about ACS, or other specific functions, like this, in the future, please tell me so I don't have to come back and bug you guys.


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1. The flag must be set as part of the server's config, you can't do it mod-side.

2. You can set aircontrol in MAPINFO to apply universally, you don't need to set it via ACS if you don't intend to change it mid-game.

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Ah, okay. Thanks. So, if I cannot set that flag mod-side, my final question would be: Would it be possible to disable the modified air control setting when in a source port like Zandronum? Like... using 'if x, else y' or something? Also, I tried setting it via MAPINFO, and my source port didn't recognize it that way, but it did recognize it when I used ACS.

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