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Scarlet Haze

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Here's a brown midsize map that should be slightly more difficult than walking through a park. Think of it as walking through a dilapidated park at midnight with a horde of undead coppers chasing you down.

The map is in Boom format and uses Doom 2 resources.

Download v1.1: https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/scarhaze.zip





Edited by meapineapple : fix download and add automap image

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FDA (failed because I got stuck forever, check that out). I liked the map for its visuals, but those extremely thin hallways are a bit annoying. Gameplay is fine - difficult enough, but it's still possible to relax. Overally I liked the map, just like every other classic Doom 2 map.

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interesting, here's another failed fda: https://www.mediafire.com/?f1mrbt22iurk41o (sloppily played with keyboard only because I'm too lazy to get out of bed :p)

rather strange gameplay. Lots of casual non-event monsters, then suddenly a giant goddamn spike after you tele back to the starting area (which killed me after I ran out of ammo). The fail was my fault as I let AVs revive too many cacos. I wonder if I missed something important, I noticed several rockets but never saw a RL, which would've been extremely helpful.

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Posted a v1.1 which fixes the area Clumsy got stuck in, fixes the botched SSG placement (it was easy to nab without triggering the trap), and should fix it being possible to run across those two ledges with the revenant and mancubus prematurely. (That's why Ribbiks missed the RL - you skipped an area. Who knew straferunning was a thing?)

Also made a few small tweaks including making it harder to get stuck on some particularly jagged geometry.

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I liked what I was able to play. For some reason, I'm really good at getting snagged on the architecture and taking too much damage.

I really like these claustrophobic maps, otherwise. There is a lot of interconnectivity in the map, which allowed for plenty of surprise attacks on me. I kind of felt like there was always something behind my back (and usually there was!)

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