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Classic Music Enhanced + Master Levels - Help please :)

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I am not sure if this fits here, but it looks like this is the most fitting forum.

I use the Master Levels Patch found here: http://maniacsvault.net/projects
to make the Master Levels their own episode. I user both Xasers list for the order of the leves and the music each level has.

Also i use this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/brutal-doom-classic-music-enhanced

And it works wonderful so far. Even for "No Rest for the Living".

Only little problem is, when i play the master levels, for the first level (attack) and for the titel screen, it uses the stock doom 2 music, and not the enhanced version.
Since for this method it creates an episode "master levels" in the doom 2 menu thats a bit weird, cause i would expect to have the same problem when i start "hell on earth", but there it uses the enhanced music from the get-go.
Any idea how to solve this?

BTW I dont want to replace the music in the wads themselves, but couldnt i make some kind of patch or something that says "this music there goes here". You know what i mean. :)

Also: awesome forums here. :D

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I use gzdoom, and zdl as a launcher. I assume i have to get a bit into SLADE to do this, right? I am completely new to editing like this.

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Yes. There's already a MAPINFO in the master levels episode wad generated by Blzut's utility, so all you're going to need to do is edit it to update the song selection of each map, cross-referencing with the BDCME thing to find out the new names.

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Ok thanks again. I think i am able to do all that. But one last question:

I dont want to alter the master levels wad themselves if possible, so that i may have the option to still play with the un-enhanced music. Two possibilities come to mind that might work, so is either of those or both a possiblitie?

1. Writing a MAPINFO on its own. A file that works as some kind of patch, that i load on top of the master levels and the BDCME.

2. I dont want to, but as a last resort: Changing the names in the BDCME, so when i load them on top of the master levels, they basically "overwrite" the list of music files.

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I would just modify the MAPINFO in there. It's generated by my tool so you wouldn't actually be modifying anything from the master levels.

With that said I don't know why it's not working with the music pack out of the box since it uses the tracks from doom2.wad and for Xaser's music picks pulls some tracks from ultimate doom (without changing their names). Unless your music pack is being loaded before the master levels for some reason?

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no, the pack is loaded after the master.wad (at least thats how it looks in my ZDL configuration), i just tried to reverse the order just for the heck of it, but its the same

the funny thing is, in the intermission screen, the enhanced version of the music plays, and if i didnt mess up completely, thats the music used in the first level in the master levels

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So in the Master Levels and in the BDCME files the Doom 2 intermission is called 2 different things.


When i change the name of the track in BDCME, it plays the enhanced version correctly in "attack", but the vanilla version plays in the intermission screen, and i couldnt find where to change the intermission in the MAPINFO there. I assume it just lets it sit at default and i would have to create a few lines on my own there.

When i change the MAPINFO in the master.wad, it just lets the song play without starting it again for the intermission screen, which just doesnt feel right.

So i just took BDCME and made a copy of the track, which i renamed. Seems like the best solution.

The track name in the master.wad is not the same as in the doom2.wad. Dont know if that is intentional or not. I assume it is for the exact reason i want to have the track with two different names, so that it starts again when the intermission comes up.

Anyway, that was a nice little OCD-Doomer problem to figure out and for getting my hands dirty for the first time. Thanks everybody for pushing me in the right direction. Such a minor problem, so much help, a really nice community, and one happy user. Thanks. :)

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karacho said:

I assume it is for the exact reason i want to have the track with two different names, so that it starts again when the intermission comes up.

Precisely, I forgot about that. Also because $musicalias in SNDINFO didn't exist although I don't know if aliasing it would allow it to restart.

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