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PK3 Sound issues

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So, I'm editing a PK3 file, and, I cannot get sounds to work for the life of me. The sounds I've put in the PK3 are named after the Doom sounds they are to replace, and are Doom format, but they don't play in ZDoom. I've tried it with and without SNDINFO, and it still doesn't work. I'm about done with it, and ready to upload it, except for the sounds not working. When the sound would play, it just plays the normal sound from Doom, not the custom one.

EDIT: Playing the PK3, one of the sounds(DSPLPAIN) did play properly, but the other two didn't...

EDIT2: Okay, I'm an idiot... I got it fixed. I'd misspelled two of the sounds... Carry on...

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