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So apparently there was a glitch in the matrix over the Berenstein bears...

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This thread got me thinking about The Simpsons, and how i am believe some deleted scenes shown on the special edition collectors dvd box sets for the the mid to end 90's seasons where aired on television over here... Which could make sense in terms of the U.S. censorship not being relevant over here, or in terms of some late cuts after the show was already made.

Jaxxoon R said:

Thing is, Nickelodeon has already stated that Spongebob isn't intended for preschool-aged audiences anyways :p

I remember seeing something about prisoners singing the spongebob song or something... it was a universal show, probably going well beyond any possible intended audience. Personally i would put its original main age group between 11 and 18 for when it was still relevant and "newer".

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Buckshot said:

In fact, here's a few pics of the oldest trying to figure out DOOM, Keen, and Wolf3D. Well, till my sister took away the phone and kicked me out of the house, anyways :/ Not my fault the kid likes badass games.

Glad to know at least one kid is playing a game like Doom and not that Children's Online Daycare shit (CoD).

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