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Ambient Sounds Help

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When I Try And Use Ambient Sounds (I Have An SNDINFO And Everything) And I Gave It An Index.

Now, When I Try And Open The WAD, This Is What I Get:

Script error, "Downtown.wad:SNDINFO" line 1:
SC_GetFloat: Bad numeric constant "random"

And Here's The SNDINFO:

$ambient 14001 world/wind surround 0.1 random 10.0 30.0 1.0

If You Have Any Suggestions On How To Fix This, Please Share Them.
I Don't Wanna Use "Point" By The Way, Because That'll Take Too Long.

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The surround keyword shouldn't have a numerical value after it.

$ambient 14001 world/wind surround random 10.0 30.0 1.0

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