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A Little Help Here?

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Okay, I'm Gonna Be As Detailed As I Can.

What I Want, Is For Stimpacks Spawned At MapSpots, To Make It Where You Pick Them Up And They Spawn Another Set 30 Seconds Later. I'm Gonna Use Thing_SetSpecial For This, So How Can I Do That?

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Set up a map spot with a unique TID for each stimpak and have a script spawn stimpaks with the same TID as each map spot at the start of the level.

Have an array called "countdown" or whatever with as many elements as stimpaks where they are all initialized at zero.

Every tic, call a function that loops through the TID of each map spot and does a if(ThingCount(T_STIMPACK, tid) == 0) or whatever. If it detects that the stimpak is missing, set the corresponding array element to 1050 (30 * 35).

Then after looping through every tid, loop through the array and try to decrement each array element by 1 if it's greater than 0, and if an element is going from 1 to 0, spawn a new stimpak at the corresponding TID map spot.

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