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The Walmart Game

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Marnetmar said:

Your goal is to creep the fuck out of a Walmart cashier

They've probably seen enough shit in Walmart these days that a few out of place items won't faze them.

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As an occasional walmart cashier, there's nothing you can buy that'll freak us out. You'd have to be naked first.

Ichor said:

A Bible
An American flag
A Confederate flag

And some ammo.

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Clonehunter said:

A My Little Pony Underwear for Toddlers
Fishing Wire
Dark sunglasses

I do not get this one, and i really do not want to linger and think about it either...

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I was gonna say a Richard Gere movie, a tube, and a gerbil. But our Walmart doesn't sell gerbils :(

True story. When I used to work at a local grocery store, there was a cashier in his 40's, never married, who would buy astroglide from time to time. Well, one day in particular, he bought one tube when he went for his lunch break and as he was leaving work he bought a second tube. What happened to that entire first tube? That's a lot of lube to use in one quicky on your lunch break.

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Cans of Bosnian baked beans (there is a brand of 9mm ammo that comes in baked bean sized cans, made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.)
bag of lime

As teens we would dare people to take a hamster tube and personal lube to the pet section of Meijers(a chain of stores in the midwest) and request a gerbil/hamster.

The strangest real non dare purchase was a huge bag of bird seed, pressure cooker and mason jars. If you know you already have an idea what activities involve cookers and mason jars.

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This is certainly a joke thread, but I used to unintentionally play this game at my local Super K with a friend that would get off work at 3 am.

Wrestling magazines for his brother.
Lubriderm, because he just got a tattoo. Gotta keep those things moisturized.
Condoms, because one of us had a girlfriend and it wasn't me.

There was some other weird trio of things that we bought, but I'm a little fuzzy on what it actually was.

I used to buy his porn for him, because while he is older than I, he wasn't adult enough to go through the process of standing in front of the clerk and making the purchase. After a few times of making his purchase for him, he told me, you ever notice how you always strike up a conversation with people when you're buying the porn? Nope. Never noticed.

I usually go shopping at 2 am. No crowds. My former Super Walmart used to have all the goths grocery shopping at midnight. Dudes dressed in black buying milk with a 20 minute line since only one lane is open.

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whip cream cartidges
clown mask
hack saw

40oz said:

lol lube + two other things

everyone here is hilarious

Just because you like to go in dry, doesn't mean everybody else does.

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