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Texture Filters in GZDB

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I dont know if I'm doing something wrong, but when I'm selecting textures for linedefs in GZDoombuilder, it always filters my available textures to use under the "Base" filter first, and I have to select "All" from the panel on the left to free up the textures that aren't in that category every single time I select textures for a line. I tried removing all the texture categories, but now it filters only Doom 2 stock textures by default, hiding all of the textures in the resource wad I'm using.

Am I missing something here? I have access to my textures, but I'm required to tell GZDoombuilder 2 to unfilter the textures from my selection every single time and its getting tedious. There has to be a way to turn off these filters, right?

EDIT: I spent at least a half hour for the last three days until seeing the "Select texture group when opening image browser" in the "Preferences" menu about 5 seconds after posting this thread. I swear that wasn't there before. It must have been added in a recent version of GZDoombuilder.

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    [r2247] by m-x-d 2015-03-06 19:12:12
    Preferences -> Interface:
    added "Select texture group when opening image browsers" option.
    When enabled, the group current texture belongs to will be selected when opening image browsers (DB2 behaviour).
    When disabled, "All" texture group will be selected.

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