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This guys first wad.

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So, I posted this in the talk smack thread by mistake. Let me try this again.

It's my first wad, made it with doom builder 2. It's fairly small, and very short.

It uses doom2 as the iwad. It's meant to be played with brutal doom. Even with brutal doom, your ammo will be very scarce. In fact, you'll find none in the level. It's meant to be difficult in that way, and really make you choose your shots. But, with kicks, and punches the BD lets you execute, you will pull through. If it plays out the way I intended it to, you'll have little to no ammo at the end.

it's also meant to be dark, and hard to see. I play it with my brightness all the way down. I really did my best going for ambience. Flickering lights, little blood pools here and there. And one room that's just trashed. Due to the darkness, a switch or two might be kind of hard to find. But that's intentional.

When you get through it, the second level will start. But I only started working on that a few hours ago, so don't expect anything from it.

Let me know what you think!


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Okay, so...you shouldn't take anything I say as "expert advice", but I'm gonna say what I think. Sorry if this is very rude.

The ammo idea was dumb, the switches were dumb, the huge arena of the same ax guy was dumb, and making maps for brutal doom is dumb. I mean the lighting was "cool" I guess, but don't sell the wad on it. The level design was weird and didn't really work with Doom. Also all the extra stuff in the wad was weird, I checked that out with slade. I mean it's cool you're learning what you can do but that's what I did at first too and it doesn't really work. People don't really want to play that, at least that's what I get from the community.

Work on vanilla or boom maps first, then go back to modded stuff. I mean you can make that if you want, but don't release it. I did that and people don't like it, the maps are usually poor and all the extra stuff brings on eye rolls. You could also use someone's work without crediting them and then you're in trouble.

I'm just saying warnings and cautions though, Do whatever you want. There does seem to be a vast majority of people I don't like who love brutal doom, so maybe they would adore this map. It all depends on if you like what doom is, rather than what you want it to be.

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Yeah I'm not a huge fan of a lack of ammo, but I'll give it a shot in a few days and let you know what I think.

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