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Doom 3 on the PC

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I only bought a copy of Doom 3 last year for the Xbox, I found the game rather repetitive and certainly some freight moments, I'm not a horror fan. I've recemtly been playing through certain levels, just in the delta labs area.

I was reflecting on the game, and the story it being about demons and all that sort of stuff, I actually thought it was to do with Aliens invading a Martian outpost.

I had played the demo in 2004 on a 64MB Geforce MX 420 Graphics card, Pentium 4 2.26GHZ. Which I still own today, how ever the RAM and Graphics card were upgraded years later.

I was just curiously reading about Doom 3 modding, what can anyone here tell me about it?

I wouldn't be interesting in new content, just enditing a few existing locations in the game, and interconnecting them with a particular set of enemies as an idea.

I guess Mapping and scripting is the focus.

Thanks for reading.

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