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Demo desyncing on my map

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I finished building map04 of my wad, but when I tried recording demos for it, they always desync in one particular area, and I have tried everything but haven't been able to fix it. When it happens, the player and projectiles seem to noclip through walls. Since it appears I can't attach files here, I have a link to a zip file with the wad and an example demo. The demo desynches at like 2:15.


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Any particular port I should look at this with?

Played back fine using Eternity (quitting after you use the teleporter soon after killing the not-Cyberdemon). What you're describing though sounds like a SpecHits Overflow.

Edit 2:
PrBoom also played the demo without error. Which port are you having issues with?

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Sounds more like an intercepts overflow to me. Those are what generally cause the "all-ghosts" bug being described above.

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Oh, yeah, I probably should have mentioned that the demo desynches for me in prboom-plus. The demo should show me exiting after killing the modded cyberdemon. That is really weird that it played back for you.

**EDIT**: The demo plays back fine for me in prboom-plus, but not glboom-plus, which is what I was actually using before. I think I'm going to check and see if there's a setting I manipulated that is causing this. I vaguely remember changing some sort of compatibility option involving spechits or intercepts or whatnot to play back a demo like a year ago...

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