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Music Doom 1- Toxin Refinery mixed

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Hello everyone!!! My name is xak, and i came to return back something to this web.
Few mounths ago, i arrived to this web searching for midi files from old dooms, cause i keep idea years ago, to make a remix from music of doom (Im not a pro, just on my free time).

So i start to lisent the music of all levels, and its clear, the d1-1 and the d2-1, are the best choice until i heard the d1-3...

I dont know if anyone have the same feeling to this level like me, cause i haved a omen of all the time spent in this lvl to complete the 100% of secrets, playing the demo version in my childhood.

So, there is the round...


Ill try to make more electronic version. I hope u like it. See ya!


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Awesome! I'm a electronica enthusiast too and I think this worked very well for a E1M3 remix. Have a really solid structure, with good timbristic choices. Maybe a little straight-forward, but is how the original version works too. I would to listen to more of your songs, being related to Doom or not.

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Hey! Nice words man! Thanks a lot for the review, im agree in all u said..
I didnt want to broke up original atmosphere, it keeps more or less the structure (straight-forward), just some reinforcement in the start of loops, accent the silences and the breakdown of the bass line. The major part of the work was in the choice of the synts, cause a double the melody lines and they have to work all together in the deep darkness... =)

If u want lisent more of mine, u should wait, cause my sound system broke few weaks ago, and ill need some months to buy a new one. But, if u like breakbeat, maybe ill make your day... i have a soundcloud with few sessions.. if u wanna check, u are more than welcome!


See ya!

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Nice version. I particularly like the Doom (as opposed to Doom 2) soundtrack and I think some of the moodier tracks really suit an electronic treatment. I'd love to hear more when and if you get the chance to do some.

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Winged_Warrior said:

Good stuff, i would like to hear your approach on E2M2 and E1M6

That along with E2M4 and E2M8.

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