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[ZDoom] Sliding Doors Tutorial

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Okay, you're making a map and you wanna add some specialty to it.
I understand, we all do, don't we?

But then the big (Or not so big) question rises up in your creative mind:

"How do I create a sliding door?"

It's every beginner's struggle of creating a sliding door, but that's where i'll come in and help. I've been in your shoes with the easiest stuff, and I still am a bit. XD

But anyways, just follow my lead and you'll be getting there. Who knows? maybe you'll pick up some other things as well.

Firstly, open DB2 or GZDB (Or other PolyObj supported editors).
Now, create a new WAD file and name it "Sliding doors" or whatever, I don't care.

Now, if you're on GZDB, I'd recommend GZDoom (Doom in UDMF format) as your configuration., and select a game you wanna make it on.

I'll use Doom II, but you can use whatever. Just use a game that supports PolyObjects and stuff, okay?

Okay, here's the building part.
Set the grid from "32" to "16" or "8".
Not too many map pixels, not too little. 8 would be just right.

Anyways, make two sectors of the same width and length, something like that.
Connect the sectors together with a hallway.

Now, create a new sector seperate from those sectors, and add a subsector.
It should look something like this:

Now, switch to "Sectors" mode and deleted the subsector, which now it'll be this:

Okay, so here comes the part where you might bail, but stay with me.
Now you gotta select these linedefs and give them a new action:

The action these two linedefs will have (Don't forget to texture them!) will be called "PolyObj Door Slide".

Just select this action and choose the following settings:

Don't forget to check "Repeatable action" and "When player presses use".

These are recommended settings as they work best for this type of door length.
But now deselect the linedefs and select this linedef:

Okay, this linedef will be assigned an action called "PolyObj Start Line".
All you have to do is give it a PolyObj number of 1, same as the door linedefs.

Now, insert a new thing called "PolyObj anchor" right here:

Give it an angle of 1, or the same as the PolyObj number.

Insert another thing called "PolyObj Start Spot" right here:

Now, give it the same angle as the anchor, and a line should appear like this:

Okay, now go into the game and- success! You created your first sliding door.
Now you can reward yourself with a cookie or something. :)

If you need an example, here's an example.

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Damn, this thread has a lot of views. Anyways, this is my new account I'm using. I hope the tutorial helped!

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Ah shit, the images are gone now. Can't edit them either sadly. Oh well, time to make a new thread I guess.

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